Loveless pins

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Loveless pinsThe Loveless pins or pins of Loveless are one of the many features that distinguish the knives of the great American maker Bob Loveless .

I’m talking about the locking pins used on knife handles such as the famous Drop Point, Hide Out, etc.

Today there are many systems to fix the handle but in those years the famous maker created a simple and functional way to fix the handle, not only with simple pins but with something similar to corby bolts.

Consider that in those years compared to add today it was not so easy to find fixing systems, there was no internet, the normalized for mechanics existed but were not as cheap as today especially for the dimensions required for cutlery, etc.

Loveless pins

The fastener style

This style of fastening was popularized by the legendary American knife manufacturer and maker Bob Loveless.

Once the handle has been fixed and glued with this system, smooth the fixing until it is flush with the wooden handle, micarta or other.

The result is an eye-catching look of brass and steel ox.

Designed by Bob Loveless,this pin forms a strong mechanical fastening by assembling the bolt through the blade and handle and screwing it tightly.

The two tips at the edge are rectified, leaving a strong, beautiful and permanent device.

Loveless pins

The size of the Loveless Pins

  • Screw: M4 length 42 mm of which threaded: 39 mm stainless steel 304
  • Threaded pin: External diameter 6.35 mm or 8 mm long 7 mm in brass
  • Outer diameter of the fillets: 3.8 mm (so using a 4 mm drill for the cod you get a tenth space)

Loveless pins

Loveless Pins DIY

If you decide to build them as I do, choose high-quality, dimensionally accurate bolts to get the precise diameter.

Always check the diameter with a caliber as you work them.

The screw must also be of a stainless steel.

Ps. Do not use materials of which you do not know the material and class of the vine/resistance to oxidation.

Hexagonal nuts once brought to the correct diameter must have just enough play to pass through the cracks between the pin and hole on the handle in to allow the epoxy to squeeze and form a permanent bond.

The outer diameter of the die as specified above, accurate at 0 / -0.02 mm for perfect interference between the 2 threaded pins of the Loveless pin and the handle.

Editing loveless Pins

Loveless pins

Loveless PinConclusions

It is a solution that you can easily do yourself with a minimum of equipment and that gives the knife an old style image and with the signature characteristic of the famous American maker Bob Loveless.

It can also be a way to make a “quote” on your knife that references Bob Loveless’s pins.

It can be a nice way to make a quote to the famous American maker on a knife but surely if you make reproductions of the famous knives such as the Loveless drop point it is essential to use this type of pin.

As I told you even if you use this type of fixing, the handle must always be glued with two-component resins to ensure a correct and lasting fixing of the handle on the shank of the knife you are making.

This type of fixing is simple to make and beyond the reproduction can be an added value to the blade you are making with a more solid fixing system than the simple pin.

One of the ways to make the quote and do on the bevelling the famous Loveless curve and the other is the pin but they are two difficulties to mention the famous American maker different.

Are you experience?


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