• Steel U10A

    Steel U10A

    Steel U10A U10A steel is a carbonsteel. The letter “U” at the beginning of the marking means “carbon steel”,The letter” A “in the end –...

  • Steel 52100 used To

    Steel 52100

    Steel 52100 or Carbon steel 52100,chrome high steel content, is mainly used in the field of cutlery and for tools that require high mechanical strength....

  • Steel Sleipner

    Sleipner Steel

    Sleipner or Uddeholm Sleipner steel is a high-alloy cutlery steel with a wide range of properties and is an ideal steel for all types of...

  • Steel M390

    Steel M390

    Steel M390 Produced by BÖHLER, the M390 MICROCLEAN is a third-generation stainless steel produced with powder metallurgy having extreme wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high...

  • Kydex coltellimania.com


    KYDEX® is the most impact-resistant, chemical and scratch-resistant thermoplastic sheet in existence. It is a super material and for this reason it has a wide...

  • Steel CPM S30V coltellimania.com

    Steel CPM S30V

    Steel CPM S30V Crucible’s powdered CPM S30V steel is relatively new on the market.acciaio It was developed in 2001 and commercial knives with S30V blades...

  • ELMAX steel coltellimania.com

    ELMAX steel

    ELMAX steel Steel produced by Bohler-Uddeholm, ELMAX is a third generation sintered powder steel (PM: Powder Metallurgy), with a high percentage of chromium, vanadium and...

  • Niolox Steel coltellimania.com

    Niolox Steel

    Niolox steel is a stainless steel produced by Lohmann(or n679 produced by Bohler) that has a special composition that improves its resistance by giving it...

  • Juma coltellimania.com


    Juma is a modern and high-quality material for the production of knife parts such as handles or components and art objects.

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