Mosaic pins

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mosaic pinsMosaic pins are one of the decorative and fastening elements of the knife handle.

There are several diameters of 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and with various geometric designs from the simplest to the most complex ones or with various shapes and filled with two-component resins of different colors.

It is an element that should be expected when drawing one’s own knife.

The material commonly used is brass but there are also steel or a mix of the two materials to use also the colors of metals.

The price varies depending on the complexity of the design, the diameter and the length.

mosaic pins

The aesthetics of mosaic pins

It is a beautiful decorative element that further embellishes and embellishes the knife to be used with its own taste to embellish and embellish the knife.

Personally I consider as the best choice to use mosaic pins of 6 mm in diameter because otherwise they remain so small that it almost makes no sense but it is my way of seeing.

The mosaic pins are to be planted with two-component glues in the handle of the knife, so it is important to measure the mosaic pin you want to use with the gauge to make a suitable hole, which must be precise.

Mosaic pins

Today thanks to the new laser technologies that allow to have personalized designs and logos it is easy to see mosaic pins with shapes that represent logos and animal figures, symbols etc.

These are possibilities that can be exploited to create further customization of the blades.


It is a decorative element that I like to build, not because I like them with an essential element.

Personally I don’t use them much because I like minimal knives but on some custom made knives for exhibitions they are definitely elements that embellish the knife.

It’s a personal taste!

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