Prederi Ms-TT quenching furnace

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Ms-TT Tempering Oven by Prederi Ms-TT tempering oven from Prederi for knives.

Today the post is about this additional possibility for those who decide to do the thermal treatments of their own home made blades.

Prederi Vittorio & Sons is a company that was founded in Milan in 1960.

Prederi Vittorio & figli is a leading international company for the design and production of electric and industrial ovens, applied to the heat treatment sectors, scientific laboratories and research, goldsmithsector.

For almost 60 years, Prederi has always stood out for the quality and reliability of the wide range of its products.

The success of the company is based on the ability to understand and anticipate, with attention and sensitivity, the most varied needs of customers who, as in this case, understood the needs of knife manufacturers.

Expertise, experience, service on finished products and the use of top-quality materials, with a focus on the environment, have allowed the company to become a leader in the domestic and international market.

Ms-TT Tempering Oven by Prederi

Prederi Ms-TT quenching furnace

Fast to reach the temperature and maximum temperature uniformity to allow a perfect thermal treatment.

Internal chamber measurements of the quenching furnace:

  • Depth 200-250-300-350-450-640 mm
  • Width from 100 mm to 210 mm
  • Height from 95 mm to 145 mm

As you can see, there are many customizations to suit your needs.

In addition, with such large chamber dimensions you really have the possibility to make even large blades, or possibly perform many blade hardening at the same time, which I do not recommend if you want to get the highest quality from a hardening.

Harden one blade at a time

Prederi Ms-TT quenching furnace

Technical data of prederi’s Ms-TT quenching furnace:

  • Power 1.7-2-2.3-2.6 Kw
  • Tension 230 Volts single-phase
  • Maximum temperature 1100 degrees

Prices of Prederi quenching furnaces

They vary depending on the size of the room but they are expensive products but the best thing is that you write directly to get a quote from the manufacturer and often have offers.

Ms-TT Tempering Oven by Prederi


Prederi Vittorio & sons s.n.c.
Via Teramo, 8
20142 Milan (Mi)
Tel and Fax –
P. Iva: 00286790159

Prederi Ms-TT quenching furnace














Prederi’s Ms-TT hardening oven is a quality product and the people who have these products have always talked about it well, as well as customer service which is something you absolutely should not underestimate.

Today the market offers a wide choice but it is important to turn to professionals and above all also evaluate the service of assistance for this type of products that is something you can not underestimate.

These are ovens born mainly for goldsmiths and other sectors but also offer products with characteristics for knife knives.

Are you experience?


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