Natural woods for knife handles

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Natural woods for knife handles

The natural woods (wood) in the knife are one of the materials much used for the realization of the handle.

They are used by natural woods to natural woods stabilized with resins through a vacuum process that causes the oxygen of the wood to come out and the space is filled with resin.

Natural wood is a material that lends itself well to the construction of knife handles for easy availability and its modeling ability.

Natural woods for knife handlesThe natural woods for the handles of the most used knives for knives are as follows:

  • Bocote, Cocote
  • Ebony
  • Wild Olive
  • Tuja Root
  • Wenge, North W.
  • Zebrano
  • Black Palm
  • Birch

natural woods


Hard wood and very valuable.

Similar to ziricote but with more understanding and fine vein.

It has a very pleasant optical effect that vaguely recalls the zebra.

Originally from Mexico and Central South America.

Can create allergic reactions



Highly prized exotic wood, for turning and jewelry.

Fundamental during processing do not warm the piece.

Ebony is a hard, compact and dark wood that is made from different species of trees of the genus Diospyros,of the Ebenacean family.

Other timbers are mistakenly designated by the same term.

The most valuable quality, for its black color and its very fine grain, is given by the Diospyros ebenum and the Diospyros melanoxylon,coming from the Indies.

Black ebony is highly appreciated in ebony so much that it has “declared” the name of this art.

In carpentry it is used for the manufacture of furniture, stipetteria, veneers and is part of the natural woods for the handles of knives.

In violinry is very used the ebony of black color but also the macassar: it is one of the main essences for the construction of wind instruments of the group of woods (oboi, flutes, especially those dating back to the Baroque period, clarinets), piano keys, keyboards stringinstruments such as guitar and violin.Natural woods for knife handles


Wild Olive:

Precious wood for turning, knife and jewelry.

Attention, the boards are not perfectly squared!

The olive tree is a central plant in the history of civilizations overlooking the Mediterranean basin, and of the whole West.

Many legends are told: one of them is of Greek origin and tells of Athena who in order to bless men planted his spear in the soil there grew the first olive branch, another tells us of an olive harvest collected at the borders of the world by Hercules , in that place was born the sacred forest in Zeus, from whose fronds were woven wreaths for the winners of the Olympic Games.

Another anecdote about the olive tree concerns the dove, which, to announce to Noah the end of the univeral flood, brought him an olive branch that he held tight between his paws.

However, it has been established that the first wild plants existed on the island of Crete as early as 4000 BC and that the Cretan later specialized in the cultivation of this plant which will later be exported throughout the Mediterranean basin.



Precious wood for turning, sculpture, carving, artistic and hobbyistic workmanism.

It is a very hard and dark-colored essence sometimes with very thin yellow streaks.

The timber is used in the construction of furniture, interior carpentry, floors, veneers and cabinetry.

In Africa it is used for the making of drums thanks to its good resonance.

In addition in violin rye it is used on stringed instruments for its timbre characteristics and sound duration.

Possible uses include the construction of guitars, electric bass and accessories.

Natural woods for knife handles


Zebrano’s fine wood, very special

The tree is found throughout Equatorial Africa, but in Camerurn and Gabon.

The latter country is also the largest exporter of wood

Typically, zebranowood is allowed to work well and perfectly with all the tools used in carpentry.

Few woods like the zebrano suffer from the ups and downs of fashion, perhaps because of its too obvious veining which nevertheless presents excellent decorative skills.

The zebrano was widely used in furniture production around the 1930s, and is now back in vogue.


Black Palm:

Precious wood for turning handicraft pens

They are palm trees up to 30 meters high. They have leaves 2 to 3 m long, fanned, small flowers collected in dense clusters, and large, brown, approximately spherical fruits.

The palm trees of the genus Borassus are cultivated for many different purposes.

The leaves can be used to build objects of different kinds, such as baskets, hats, umbrellas, or to produce paper material similar to papyrus.

The branches can be used to make ropes; The wood is hard, heavy, durable and suitable for building use.

There are also numerous food uses; younger plants are edible, boiled or roasted and pounded; fruits and seeds can be eaten raw or cooked.

Different types of palm wine and derivative drinks can also be derived from these palm trees.

natural woodsI made you these schemes of natural woods for knife handles with the names associated with the images to make you see in a single “sheet” the differences and start to distinguish them aesthetically.

The wood is really very versatile and offers you many aesthetic possibilities that you can do with the knife, inserting inserts and spacers made of volcanic fiber of various colors that embellish the knife.

When you work the wood always uses a mask because some woods have toxicity and stabilized ones have resin.

Natural woods for knife handles


Natural woods for knife handles. Wood remains one of my favorite materials because it is a warm material to work with and allows you to obtain objects of great value and with an aesthetic that can go from modern to traditional.

The price of the wooden block depends on the type of wood and whether it should have the stabilization process.

Ps. In the next posts we see how to treat the wood after it has been worked to enhance its characteristic and protect it once it is mounted on the knife.

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