Niolox Steel

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Niolox Steel

Niolox steel is a stainless steel produced by Lohmann(or n679 produced by Bohler) that has a special composition that improves its resistance by giving it the strength of the sharp wire of a high-carbonsteel, but with better resistance to corrosion.

NIOLOX is therefore a stainless steel with good toughness and a good grip capacity of the cutting edge.

The presence of niobio, which is a very powerful carb trainer, in its composition makes it very resistant to wear.

The niobio, also known in the past as columbio because it was discovered along with tantalum in the mineral columbite, is the chemical element of atomic number 41 and its symbol is Nb.

It is a rare, typically ducttile, grayish transition metal.

It is present in the columbite, and is mainly used in the production of special metal alloys and high-strength welds.

Niolox steel is a high-end blade steel known for its toughness, edge retention and corrosion resistance.

It is a powdered metallurgical stainless steel developed in Germany by Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG and mainly used in knives, tools and high-performance industrial machinery.

Some of the key properties of Niolox steel are its high carbon content, excellent wear resistance and good machinability.

Overall, Niolox steel is a popular choice for knife manufacturers because it offers a balance of high hardness and toughness, making it a great choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

Niolox, New

I’ve used the niolox several times, not yet the niolox ! And I think it’s a good steel if you want to get high hardness and thread hold.

As usual I want to provide you with an alternative, niolox is a steel comparable to another super steel,
the D2

The Niolox has an excellent wire seal, to give you a practical example, doing the rope cutting test, if a 440c (industrial) made 35 cuts, the niolox went to make 250 cuts of the same string.

It is not comparable to a 420 because it is a semi-stain and has much higher performance.

In addition, Niolox steel has high corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in environments where moisture and other elements can cause damage to other types of metals.

It is also known for its ability to maintain a sharp edge, even after prolonged use.

However, it is important to note that because it is a high-end blade steel, it can be more expensive than other types of blade steels.

Therefore, knife manufacturers and other manufacturers need to weigh the pros and cons of using Niolox steel according to their specific needs and budget.

Overall, Niolox steel is a great choice for those looking for high-quality, high-performance steel for their knives and tools.

One thing to note is that since Niolox steel is a high-carbon steel, it may require more maintenance than other types of steel.

This is especially true if it is used in a humid or saline environment, where it can develop rust or other forms of corrosion.

It is important to keep the blade clean, dry and oiled to avoid rust or other forms of corrosion.


Sharpening Niolox steel

When it comes to sharpening Niolox steel, it is recommended to use a fine-grained sharpening stone or a diamond sharpening stone.

This is because steel is relatively hard and can be difficult to sharpen with larger grains.

It is also important to maintain a constant angle when sharpening to ensure an even edge.

Niolox Steel

Composition of Niolox steel +

Produced in Germany by Lohmann and Bohler as n679, this high-quality steel has a very fine grain that helps with the stability of the sharp edge and maintenance when using sharpening.

Steel grade 13% of the Cr resistant to corrosion and martyred with the special knives of the addition of Cb for example, scissors, table knives, kitchen knives and working cutting knives.

In terms of composition, Niolox steel contains high amounts of carbon, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and other elements.

This results in a steel that is highly resistant to wear, abrasion and chipping.

It also has a fine-grained structure that improves toughness, edge retention and overall performance.


Carbon0.8 %
Chromium, New12.7 %
Molybdenum, New Hampshire1.1 %
Vanadium, New0.9 %
Niobium, New0.7 %

A little tip

Get as close as possible to the final surface finish you want to achieve before the heat treatment.

The high hardness (up to 62-63 Hrc) and the presence of fuels that are very resistant to wear make it more difficult to polish and finish after heat treatment than other types of steel.

Niolox steel is often used in high-end knives and tools due to its excellent heat treatment properties.

When properly heat-treated, it can reach a Rockwell hardness of up to 63-64 HRC, which is considered extremely hard for a steel.

This level of hardness allows for a very sharp and precise edge that can be maintained for long periods of time.

For this reason the niolox is not suitable to make mirrored knives unless you decide to use dozens and dozens of sheets of abrasive paper but the new niolox version is always with a fine-grained structure but the manufacturer says it is easier to work with this material even mirrored finishes.

Niolox, New

Average Niolox Steel Prices:

  • Width 3.4X40X600 mm. (30.00 euros)
  • Width 3.4X35X600 mm. (25.00 euros)
  • Width 3.4X40X1200 mm. (60.00 euros)
  • Width 3.4X50X600 mm. (37.00 euros)
  • Width 3.4X50X1200 mm. (73.00 euros)
  • Width 4.0X40X500 mm. (35.00 euros)
  • Width 4.0X40X1000 mm. (69.00 euros)
  • Width 5.4X40X600 mm. (45.00 euros)
  • Width 6X40X600 mm. (52.00 euros)
  • Width 6X40X1200 mm. (120.00 euros)
  • Width 6X50X1200 mm. (126.00 euros)
  • Width 6X50X600 mm. (63.00 euros)
  • Width 7.4X60X600 mm. (96.00 euros)
  • Width 7.4X60X1200 mm. (191.00 euros)

These prices are indicative and vary in thickness and width



It is a steel that is mainly used to make industrial knives for the food industry because Niolox has excellent corrosion resistance capabilities.

Niolox stainless steel precisely because of these features is a good choice to make hunting knives or bushcraft, sportsmen, etc. also for the resistance to keep the wire, although consider that with those hardness it is not easy to make improvised camp sharpening.

Clearly as I told you it is not suitable if you have to make knives with mirrored finishes but it seems that the Lohmann with the production of niolox – has precisely seen the demand for this steel by knifemen promises to have created a fine powder steel that is also mirror polishable for those who love this type of surface finish.

The company Lohmann has decided not to produce the niolox anymore and to produce only more niolox , although I think some makers will not be happy with this choice but in reality should be an improvement of the current niolox.

Overall, Niolox steel is a high-performance steel preferred by many knife makers, tool manufacturers and industrial manufacturers for its excellent properties.

Whether you’re a knife collector, an outdoor man, or an industrial worker, Niolox steel is definitely worth considering for its toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance.

Overall, Niolox steel is a great choice for those who demand high performance and quality from their knives, tools and machinery.

Its combination of toughness, wear resistance, edge retention and corrosion resistance make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, Niolox steel is definitely a steel to consider for your next project.

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