Paracord Knife Handle Wraps

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Paracord Knife Handle Wraps

Paracord Knife Handle Wraps: The Complete Guide from Tactical to Asian Styles (solo in lingua Inglese)

Knife handles coated with Paracord handles are very popular on some types of knives in particular with regard to survival knives and tactical knives.

They are comfortable grips in the hand, they are non-slip, they are impermeable to moisture and temperature changes.

In an emergency, it is often possible to cancel the casing and then have a practical rope at hand.

This book by Jan Dox is a clear and intuitive guide that teaches you everything you need to know, including choosing and selecting the paracord itself and weaving the correct winding styles for subfloors, tactical uses, skeleton handles , and more.Paracord Knife Handle Wraps

The book explains more than 16 styles and approaches, from basic weaves for the handle in paracord to the sleeves with military or ring standard paracord, to paradox wraps, to the windings of tsukamaki handles in artistic style Japanese.

The techniques are explained step by step using detailed photos.

Paracord Knife Handle Wraps

The cost of the paracord handle

One of the advantages of making a paracord handle is the cost of making.

The costs of making your own handles, materials and tools to do so are minimal, and you can equip both your handmade knives and your factory knives with paracord handle coating.

Some users cover the same paracord handle to modify the grip section, to give it a greater grip for their use and also to have for those who practice survival or bushcraft always with them on the knife a rope that can be used for different uses in case of emergency.

Paracord Knife Handle Wraps


The paracord has very little maintenance to say nothing and can be easily replaced with a little practice to change the color and aesthetics of the knife also according to your taste and needs.

If it gets wet it must be dried but it takes longer than a micarta, G10 or carbon fiber handle.


Paracord Knife Handle Wraps is a very interesting book at a competitive price of 30 Euro even if you can only find it in English.

The paracord is very advantageous because it has a very low cost and allows a lot of versatility of use that in some types of knife is necessary.

Clearly I do not recommend it on fine knives because these are knives that are not based only on the aspect of use, but on the choice of quality materials, aesthetics, customization without paying attention to expenses.

Often these are knives that end up in exhibitors, showcases and drawers of collectors.

The paracord handle is for knives that are used and mistreated and the paracord is always something that can find more uses in case of need.

This is a choice that is often seen in knives intended for survival, bushcraft where having a double function on the same instrument is an essential aspect to allow you to have on the knife a rope to be used to tie, lock, etc.

With a little practice you can perform quality paracord handles and also playing with the colors, color combinations and thicknesses of the paracord also make interesting knives of a certain exotic design.

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