Press FP20 Plus by Rockblade

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Press FP20 Plus by Rockblade

Press FP20 PLUS By Rockblade

Hot forging press.

The forging technique consists of a technique that was once performed manually and that allows you to shape metal objects or component parts and then assemble them together.

The metal is crushed between the hammer head and the anvil and it is precisely this compression that allows to change the shape of the treated piece.

The dimensions and weight of the hammer are proportionate to the dimensions of the workpiece.

Since ancient times the artisans have used the forging technique to produce tools and work objects but even today the modern cutlers to make the famous damask steels perform forging but with the press, abandoning the tiring manual operation of using the hammer and the anvil.

By heating the metal to the fire in the forge and striking it on the anvil with special hammers or clubs, the still hot steel is forged to be able to shape it to your liking and build swords and knives.

Press FP20 PLUS By Rockblade

And it is here that Rocco of Rockblade has designed this press, distinguishing itself as for hardening furnaces from all over the world by creating an innovative and super-performing press.

Do you want to make your own damask steels or do you want to become a forger to resell your steels ?

This is the super press that can help you make amazing creations.


What is hot forging in cutlery?

Forging is a common process used in the manufacture of knives.

Most forged knives are produced by hot forge, in which the metal is heated to high temperatures before being processed.

The process of forging knives begins with the selection of material.

Most knives are made using carbon steel or high-carbon steel alloys, as these materials are durable and can maintain a sharp edge.

The metal is then heated in a furnace or gas oven until it reaches the desired temperature, which can vary depending on the type of metal and the shape of the knife you want to produce.

The metal is then extracted from the furnace and processed using hammers in manual processing and other equipment such as the FP20 Plus press to shape it into the desired shape.

After processing, the knife is processed to give the desired shape and hardened to increase its strength and hardness.

The quenching process involves heating the knife to very high temperatures, followed by rapid cooling to improve its mechanical properties.

The forge of knives requires great skill and knowledge of the properties of materials, and is often performed by specialized craftsmen who have spent years on their training and practice in the manufacture of high-quality forged knives.

Press FP20 Plus by Rockblade

Technical characteristics of the FP20 PLUS press:

  • Forging pressure 20t
  • Feed speed 70mm/sec
  • Return speed 90mm/sec
  • Stroke 160mm
  • Matrices mm40x150
  • Workable surface mm150x150
  • Electric control joystick
  • Electric pedal

Automatic system:

  • Electronic power hammer function
  • High-precision millimeter scale setting with limit switch


  • Flat/semi-round combo dies included, other dies (at cost)
  • Hydraulic oil iso 46 (not included)


  • Central system oil tank 55Lt
  • Total dimensions cm107x78x195H
  • Single-phase 230v or three-phase power supply
  • Total weight 600 kg

CE Certificate

The product was created and built entirely in Italy.


Press FP20 PLUS By Rockblade


It is an innovative and professional product for manufacturers of damask steel for cutlery and that allows precise control of the press but for more information and details on the product and price, shipments etc. contact:

If you contact Rockblade after reading this post about the FP20 Plus press, let us know and you will see that you will receive a special treatment!

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