Sex Bolt for knife handle

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Sex Bolt

A Sex Bolt (also known as a barrel nut, barrel bolt, binding barrel, Chicago screw, pole and screw, or connector bolt), is a type of fixing (nut) that has a barrel-shaped flange and protruding bushing threaded internally.

I know you like the name of this fixer but it’s not something sexual or erotic!

It is a simple and economical fastening system used in low-end knives and in general for knife handles.

The stud is located inside the components to be fixed, the flange provides the support surface.

The sexual bolt and the screw of the accompanying machine are flush on both sides of the surfaces to be fixed.

It is normally chosen for its low profile compared to other nuts.

The Sex Bolt often has a built-in feature, such as a slot, to help tighten the fastener.

Some Sex Bolts, more commonly known as “architectural bolts”, have zigzagged rods to allow one-sided mounting.

Sex Bolt for knife handle

“Ligature poles” are similar to architectural bolts in that they are designed to be assembled on one side, but have teeth on the flanged surface to keep them fixed.

The Sex Bolt is a coupling fastener that combines a fastener (nut) with a fastener (screw).

The Sex Bolt fastening system consists of a female threaded cylinder (nut) (internally) and a male threaded screw (externally).

Both the barrel and the screw have heads designed to block (tie) the material between the head of the barrel and the screw head, or to fill the gap between two parts.

Then a fastening system that lends itself very well to fixing the handles of knives.

Sex Bolt

Coupling fasteners are known by many different names:

    • sex bolt
    • binding posts
    • Chicago screws
    • interscrews property
    • barrel bolts property
    • barrel nut
    • partition screws property
    • door closure bolts
    • furniture screws
    • panel fasteners
    • architectural sex bolts
    • arch series screws
    • fasteners display
    • screw nuts
    • connector bolts property
    • threaded rivets
    • grommet nuts
    • post and screw sets
    • book screws
    • stationary screws.

I gave you the names in English because it’s easier to search the various cutlery sites, on google or on amazon.

Sex Bolt for knife handle

Sex Bolt for knife handle


The applications of this type of fastening is used in different areas and among these there is also cutlery.

This set of fasteners is used to assemble as well as knives also fitness equipment, solar panels, playground equipment, railing systems, furniture, athletic helmets,, shopping equipment, signs, panic handles and many other products.

Sex Bolt for knife handle

Technical guide to Sex Bolt coupling fasteners:

  • Diameter of the Sex Bolt barrel: Coupling fasteners often pass through pre-drilled holes. The diameter of the barrel should be slightly lower than the installation hole.
  • Barrel length: The length of the barrel is measured from under the head at the end of the barrel. Normally the length of the barrel is less than the thickness of the material to be tightened. Another common term is “grip length”, which is the thickness of the material that a coupling bolt can effectively fix or tighten.
  • Thread size: Thread length and class suitable for both the barrel and the screw. The deeper the thread, the harder these parts are to produce and the more expensive they are.
  • Head style: The most common head style for a mating closure is a “truss” head. Other head styles are button, flat, eyelet, hexagonal head, large sling, low profile, oval, rivet and T-head.
  • Drive systems: Coupling fasteners are available in a variety of drives such as grooved, socket, Phillips, Phillips/grooved combination, as well as tamper-proof units: one-way, 6 lobes with hole and perforated key.
  • Material: Coupling systems are available in aluminum, steel, brass, copper, stainless steel and plastic materials.
  • Finish: the female fastening part and screws are available with anodized, galvanized, brassed, chromed, bronzed, nickel-plated and burnished finish.

Sex Bolt


It is a simple and economical fastening system used in low-end knives and in general for knife handles.

The variety of materials allows you to have quality Sex Bolts but on high-end knives it is not the most suitable choice but if you have to use it choose quality materials and take care of the choice of the shape of the head that is the part that remains on sight.

It is a fastening system that I do not use much because I prefer the classic fixing with pin and bi-component glue,or use the JP bolt, the Corby bolt or the famous Loveless Pin.

A fastening system that also allows the disassembly and reassembly of the handle that can be convenient on some types of knife.

Are you experience?


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