Sharpen your knives professionally

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Sharpen your knives professionally

Sharpen your knives professionally!

Why would you do that!

When using knives for work, passion, other daily it is easy that it is necessary to sharpen the knife again to make it an effective and safe tool in its use.

Whether it’s a kitchen knife, or to go into the woods it’s easy that at some point you’ll hear yourself or your friends say phrases like:

  • “Sharpening knives is really simple!”
  • “Anyone can buy a knife sharpening gadget from Amazon for £9.99!” “I just sharpened my knives using a steel to sharpen like chefs on TV!”
  • “I sharpened all my kitchen knives with a product bought on offer at the supermarket”
  • Etc.

Sharpening knives may seem simple, but in reality it is an art and a science that also requires years of experience to be mastered because not all knives are the same and not all steels respond in the same way.

Different methods, tools and techniques are needed that change depending on the type and condition of the knife to get the sharp thread of a knife as best as possible.

Something you can’t do in the garage of the house with an old grinding wheel you found!

Today the advertisement tells you that you can buy any number of gadgets to sharpen the knives they promise, the world from Amazon is full of them, but all they do is remove a lot of good material from the blade,insert a fixed angle,most likely incorrect compared to that of the blade you have today on the blade and what is not obvious make the blade thread not so sharp and sharp.

Sharpening steels as chefs use with acciaino is not sharpening a knife,but refining the knife because to sharpen it you really need professional tools.

Thesteel is a tool used to correct and revive the blade wire of cutting tools but is not a sharpening but an extension of the life of the existing wire.

It performs the same function as the sharpening stone and consists of a handle (in wood, plastic, micarta or other substances), and a long rod in finely knurled hard steel and circular section.

It is used as a file by rubbing it on the sharp edge of knives (or other cutting tools) to revive the thread and always keep it perfectly capable of carrying out its task.

Any knife, in fact, with use, tends to “lose the thread”, even if forged in the most suitable metal.

A very hard steel keeps the thread longer but tends to break more easily while a sweeter one breaks more difficult but loses the thread easily.

An attempt is therefore made to manufacture each cutting instrument with the most suitable steel, bearing in mind the task for which it will be intended.

The first sharpening is carried out with the grinding wheel but the subsequent ones, to revive, precisely, the thread, are carried out with the acciaino or with a special stone.

Sharpen your knives professionally

Chefs who use knives daily know that to keep the knife as sharp as possible and for as long as possible you need to sharpen the knife every time you use it.

All chefs know that this prolongs the time between sharpening “in the kitchen” and professional sharpening that is to be done periodically.

Professional sanding or sharpening aligns the blade of your already sharpened knife making it sharper and removes very little material compared to the existing corner of the micro beel or in some cases changing the sharpening angle on request for specific use of the knife.

You will never get a knife with the right angle and sharpened with a sharpening tool that can be purchased online.

You can think that smoothing is like brushing your teeth, sharpening is like going to the dentist.

It’s worth your knives being professionally sharpened , even if you think it’s a pointless expense.

Sharpening should be carried out with professional tools such as specific sanders and abrasive tapes or tools such as the Tormek.

Sharpen your knives professionally

You may have some high-quality knives where you have invested a considerable amount of money.

It is much cheaper to ask us to sharpen those knives that have lost the cutting edge than to buy new ones.

If you’ve tried to sharpen them yourself, depending on your skill level, what tools you have access to, and how lucky you feel, you could get away with it or you could damage your knives.

Who knows, maybe you’ve already tried?

To get the best cutting edge on a knife there is no other way than to deliver your knives to highly qualified professionals especially if you use quality professional knives with decidedly high costs and there is no point in buying new knives every time.

Our expert knifesmiths can assess the chamfer of knives, ensure that as little material as possible is removed from the blade and repair any damage found.

All this prolongs the life of your knife.

A professionally sharp knife cuts better, stays sharper for longer, and is easier to keep sharp once the blade begins to become blunt again.

Sharp knives are always much more fun to work with, as well as being much safer.

Unfortunately, local sharpeners or arrotini have become a rarity these days, you rarely hear the typical call with the megaphone “the roll has arrived” but if you need this service with our sharpening of knives through postal service, we cover the entire Italian and European national territory.

If you love to use knives, both for cooking and to use your knife outdoors, sharpen them and, if you are going to do it, ask a professional to do the best job.

You’re Tuned!

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