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Steel Ma5mv, the MA5MV steel that is no longer fashionable and that actually has features that make it one of the best steels in some application fields in relation to cost/performance, we find out more.

Ma5m also called 420C is a martensitic stainless steel very resistant to corrosion/oxidation and heat and is widely used in quality cutlery and industrial cutlery.

Ma5m steel is also used for the construction of surgical and dental instruments and to build particularwear-prone equipment.

It is very tenacious but with little anti-abrasive power but on the other hand it has great ease of re-sharpening and that is why it is very appreciated in certain areas of use.

It has among the martensitics the best characteristics of corrosion resistance in the hardened and stretched state at low temperature, with mirror-polished surfaces.

The 420C can also be forged but fundamental, it should be hardened with temper oven (e.g. Rockblade or Titangrider


Excellent wire sealing compromise and ease of sharpening reaches a hardness of 57 HRC.

It is one of the most used steels even for the very competitive price with an extraordinary value for money.

Ma5mv steel is part of the list of materials that are certified to be used in kitchen knives and that come into contact with food.

Steel Ma5mv
Knife made of Ma5m with carbon guard and micarta handle.


Ma5m steel is one of the martensitical stainless steels that are chromium alloys (about 11 to 18) with relatively high carbon (up to 1.1 in weight), containing small amounts of other elements.

The typical alloy elements in them are:

Sulfur can be added to improve workability with chip removal machines, with partial mechanical characteristics.

The martensitic stainless steel has very high mechanical characteristics and is well worked on machines, it is the only stainless steel that can be subjected to hardening,thermal treatment to increase its mechanical properties (breaking load, ruse load, hardness).

MA5MV steel is best known by its American nomenclature:

For example, chromium-only steel is theAISI series 400 (to remember AISI410 with C is about 0.12 and Cr is about 13 and 420, with 0.20 < C < 0.40 and Cr is about 13; AISI 440 with C plus 1/ and Cr.17); nomenclature UNI has acronyms such as X20Cr13, X30Cr13, X40Cr14.

It is magnetic and is also known as steel “series 00”.

Martensitic stainless steel is self-hardening, but for simple cooling from hot forming temperature to room temperature a deformed crystalline structure develops, with strong residual stresses and consequent embrittlement.

To overcome these unfavourable conditions, the production procedure generally involves the following steps:

  1. recookability: it is carried out with the isothermic method only when you want the minimum hardness; otherwise it cools at constant speed, choosing it according to the hardness you want to achieve (see CCT curves);
  2. it tempers at a temperature of about 1000 degreesC and for a long time enough to dissolve the chromium carbs, useful for increasing wear resistance;
  3. different temperatures depending on whether you want to prioritize hardness, corrosion resistance or toughness.

Martensitical stainless steels are mainly used for their high resistance to viscous sliding,although their formability and weldability is extremely difficult and their resistance to corrosion is less than that of other families.

Resistance to corrosion is not exceptional because chromium is generally lower than that of other categories of stainless steel; moreover, because the martensitic structure has a high density of lattice defects,which act as catalysts for corrosion reactions.

TheAISI 440 is used for stainless tooling (knives, scissors, scalpels, blades, injectors for internal combustion engines).


Price of steel MA5MV

Width 1.5X30X1000 mm. (6.19 euros)
Width 1.5X50X1000 mm. (8.25 euros)
Width 1.5X100X1000 mm. (16.49 euros)
Width 2.0X30X1000 mm. (7.72 euros)
Width 2.0X40X1000 mm. (9.27 euros)
Width 2.0X50X1000 mm. (11.33 euros)
Width 2.0X100X1000 mm. (22.66 euros)
Width 2.5X30X1000 mm. (7.72 euros)
Width 2.5X40X1000 mm. (9.27 euros)
Width 2.5X50X1000 mm. (11.33 euros)
Width 3.0X30X1000 mm. (11.85 euros)
Width 3.0X40X1000 mm. (13.91 euros)
Width 3.0X250X1000 mm. (82.41 euros)
Width 3.5X30X1000 mm. (11.85 euros)
Width 3.5X30X1000 mm. laser-cut (12.88 euros)
Width 3.5X40X1000 mm. laser-cut (15.46 euros)
Width 3.5X50X1000 mm. laser-cut (18.53 euros)
Width 4.0X40X1000 mm. (17.01 euros)
Width 4.0X40X1000 mm. laser-cut (18.53 euros)
Width 4.0X50X1000 mm. laser-cut (22.66 euros)
Width 4.0X60X1000 mm. laser-cut (25.23 euros)
Width 5.0X40X1000 mm. (18.53 euros)
Width 5X40X1000 mm. laser cut (20.03 euros)
Width 5.0X50X1000 mm. laser-cut (26.27 euros)
Width 5.0X60X1000 mm. laser-cut (31.42 euros)
Width 5.0X100X1000 mm. laser-cut (51.51 euros)
Width 6.0X50X1000 mm. (28.33 euros)
Width 6.0X50X1000 mm. laser-cut (31.42 euros)
Width 6.0X60X1000 mm. (33.99 euros)
Width 6.0X100X1000 mm. (56.64 euros)
Width 10X50X1000 mm. (46.36 euros)

These prices are indicative and vary in thickness and width.


MA5MC steel is an excellent steel and allows you to experiment at low cost when you want to make prototypes, test new geometries, types of bevelling, etc.

It has exceptional value for money and is found in many sizes and thicknesses.

A good steel when you have to try to make the first knives but also when you want to create quality knives with low selling prices.

I understand that top knife makers snub this steel, myself when I want a knife with certain features use other types of steel without reaching the sintered steels and the damask but it is essential when making certain types of knives that are not intended for the window or the drawer of the house with the breakfast of knives you choose the material based on the intended use of the knife.

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