Suppliers of materials for cutlers

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Suppliers of materials for cutlers


Suppliers of materials for cutlers o Suppliers of materials for knife makers.

Online stores of suppliers of materials and equipment for Knife Maker from the one specializing in steels,to materials for the handle,to pins,leathers, sanders, hardening furnaces,etc.

One of the first questions that arises when you want to try to make yourself a knife is where to buy the material.

At first you fix yourself with a steel bar recovered in the cellar or in an old warehouse but then other needs begin to arise and it is there that having a series of online stores of suppliers of materials and equipment for knife makers can help you find what you need to build a knife.

Fortunately today through the internet you can reach a lot of online stores of suppliers specializing in materials for Knife Maker.

From the supplier specialized in steels, to the materials for the handle, to the pins, to the leather for the scabbards,etc.

The advantage of online stores is that it allows you, as well as having a wide choice of materials, to be able to buy not only in Italy but also in Europe and the United States.

Ps. Attention to delivery times and shipping costs that can be in some cases considerable especially for small orders.

Here is a list of suppliers of materials for knives and equipment

I put in bold the ones I know best.

Suppliers of materials for cutlers in Italy

Suppliers of materials for cutlers

  • Abrasives Norio: Online sale of grinding wheels and abrasives, belts also tailor-made.
  • Abrasives online: Online sale of contact wheels and abrasive belts.
  • Abrauto: Mole, ruote e nastri abrasivi.

  • Ceroniknives shop
    : Online store with a wide selection of materials for knife making.
  • Coltelleria Dolcimascolo: Online sale of everything for knife making.
  • By Bon & Centazzo: Processing and supplying valuable materials for grips.
  • Fapa Steel: Steels and materials for the construction of knives. Online sales.

  • Ksteel
    : Online store with everything you need for knife building.

  • LC cutlery:
    Shop based in Livorno where you can find everything for cutlery. Online sales and very kind, precise and fast people in shipping.

  • Passion for knives
    : Online store with also materials for knife making.
  • Woods riot: Online store with wide choice of fine woods

  • Rockbladekilns
    : Online store selling hardening ovens/steels/materials for knife makers Suppliers of materials for cutlers coltellimania.com2022
  • RS Alloys: Steels and metal alloys
  • Sefa Steel :U.S. steel dealer Uddeholm.
  • Tenedini: Shop where you can order stencils and liquids for electro engraving
  • Toscoabrasiv: Sale of abrasive products in Cascina (PI). It doesn’t sell online,
    site reduced to the bone but stock very stocked and very kind and helpful owner.
  • Sardinian Tooling: Cagliari


Suppliers of materials for cutlery knives in Europe

Suppliers of materials for cutlers

  • Attacc (Great Britain)
  • Brisa Online store with a wide selection of knifemaking materials
  • Comptoir des bois precieuxFrancia
  • Couteau custom (France)
  • English handmade knives Britain
  • Hanghoi (Denmark
  • Hobbyland Online hobby store section with everything for leather and leather processing
  • Jano Knives (Sweden)
  • Jatagan, Al-Ladin Czech online knifemaking material store
  • Knife scales (Great Britain)
  • Knives art (Spain)
  • Mecorne, France
  • Nordell knives Scandinavian knives and knifemaking materials
  • Sheffieldsupply, Inf Catalog of knifemaking supplies. It doesn’t sell online. PDF file to make the material order.
  • Smederij Atelier Alkmaar (Netherlands)
  • The good stuff shop (Denmark)
  • Tandy leather All for leather and leather processing. Numerous tutorials.
  • Weber messer (Germany)
  • Wolf Borger (Germany)
  • Wood and Knife Supplies (Great Britain)


Suppliers of materials for cutlers in the United States, Canada and Various

Suppliers of materials for cutlers



One thing you need to know about knife material suppliers is that very often during fairs and exhibitions there are usually suppliers of materials and equipment such as belt sanders and hardening furnaces.

Usually during fairs suppliers of materials and equipment make interesting promotions that also allow you to save money and take directly the product you have seen.

This allows you to see many materials in person, to be able to touch them, to ask questions and finally to be able to make purchases directly by combining the usefulness of seeing and touching the blades of the makers who expose and ask them questions, to that of seeing the materials in person touching them with your hand and not only for photos.

Are you experience?!


Ps. If you have to add a supplier that is not listed and that you consider very valid write to me.

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