Draw the fixed-blade knife

Tracing the knife you want to build for a knife maker is a key task.

The tracing of the knife in its various stages and construction operations makes the work simpler, repeatable and precise.

Whether it’s the resetting, the centeror or the handle fastening holes, tracing is useful.

Tracciare il coltello

When you have to make a knife you have to have clear ideas about the shape to be executed, on the bisellation, how to fix the guard, how to fix the handle, whether in a hidden cod, or a tapered cod, etc.

I remember the first few times I made a knife that I made very improvised silhouettes and all in all they were fine, but having a detailed knife design already is crucial, in fact, I’ll tell you more, the more detailed it is,excuse the pun (this is a suggestion of a CIC master). Continue reading “Draw the fixed-blade knife”