The care and maintenance of your knives

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The care and maintenance of your knives
The care and maintenance of your knives are one of the fundamental elements to preserve and preserve their durability over time.
One of the first things I asked a CIC master once I finished one of the first knives was:
“but the knife if you do not use it and leave it in a drawer, a showcase of a house or somewhere there stopped for a long time rusts?”
Rust is a very common oxidation process in metals.
The name oxidation is usually given to the reaction between a metal that combines with oxygen to give the corresponding oxide:
the metal undergoes a subtraction of electrons by oxygen, since the latter is more electronegative than any metal.
The end result?
Your knife that you paid a lot and that you like so much is rusty!

Why do you have to do the maintenance of the knives?

The care and maintenance of your knives.

All steels even those of the latest generation and high quality often used by makers due to poor preservation of the knife can over time have signs of corrosion.

So it is essential to carry out maintenance and try to take care of your blades especially if made with some types of steel that due to their characteristics are more exposed to oxidation.

But it is not only about this but also about the materials of the handle, especially natural ones such as wood and bones, all materials that can “move” when exposed to particular temperatures and humidity with the risk of lifting or making your knife less “perfect” while maintaining functionality.

Each knife requires proper care and maintenance to preserve and preserve it at its best.

Even stainless steels when exposed to the right conditions can rust!

  • If you leave your knife in your house in the mountains where you do not go for a long time where there is a lot of humidity and temperature changes,
  • If you leave your knife in sea areas where the brackish environment and the humidity generally higher,
  • You leave it in the cellar or garage that are cold and damp
  • Etc.

In all cases but even more so if you know that the place is more exposed it is necessary if you do not use the knife protect the blades with a veil of oil before storing them.

If you also use the knife to cut the classic “bread and salami” during trips to the mountains and that then the knife comes into contact with the food you eat you must use a natural oil and edibil (an example, the universal oil Ballistol),

This oil is also good for other parts of your knife such as wooden cheeks, leather chainstays, and other materials.

oil ballistolIn addition to Ballistol as an alternative there are pray oils from Gunex, but for all knives in general there are products like the WD-40 that are fine.

As for the closable or where there are mechanisms, on the pivots and ball bearings of the folding knives better a spray that contains nanoceramic additives that does not resinify, does not contain silicone or PTFE like the spray of Ballistol with the initials Guncer.The care and maintenance of your knives

General rules of storage and maintenance of the knife:

  • Always keep the knife dry in all its parts (not just the blade)
  • If you do not use it , do not store the knife for a long time in the chainstays , especially those in leather that absorb moisture and create the classic pitting corrosion on the blade.
  • Always keep the knife clean and oiled,especially the moving parts and locking mechanisms of the lockable knives,
  • Do not use the knife to perform tasks for which it is not designed such as unscrewing screws, from can openers, chisels, crowbars, to hammer, etc. because even if it does its job you risk damaging it.
  • Always keep the knife sharp: a knife that does not cut is more dangerous than one that cuts well!
  • Always keep it safe.

A well-kept knife will last many years, even a lifetime, and when needed it will work at its best.

Always respect the knife!

Are you experience?



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