The CIC knife exhibition in Milan

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Sostieni il progetto Coltellimania. Leggi e Condividi!
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The CIC knife exhibition in MilanEvery year on the last weekend of November or the first weekend of December, the exhibition of knives of the CICItalian Coltellinai Corporation is done in Milan, where the teachers and associates of the corporaione participate.

On this occasion you can see among the best Italian and international makers who exhibit their creations for two days.

The poster of the 2019 edition

The CIC knife exhibition in Milan

The CIC knife show in Milan this year 2019 will take place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December 2019 and will be the 23rd c.I.C. show.

The reasons for the success of the Milanese event are many and represents a worldwide event and the most important exhibition of handmade and custom knives in Italy.

The place where the event has always taken place is the city of Milan which has the great advantage of being easily accessible from both Europe and all continents with direct and easily air flights with trains or other means of transport.

Milan enjoys the reputation of dynamic city, Italian capital of business and fashion, kind and hospitable.

Traditionally the exhibition takes place on the last weekend of November but often falls on the first weekend of December.

Where the CIC exhibition takes place

The Hotel Marriott,where the event has always taken place, offers one of the most prestigious salons for environment and architecture.

A not insignificant aspect for this type of exposure that makes it suggestive and in a warm environment.

The CIC knife exhibition in Milan

This allows knife-wielders and visitors to take advantage of spaces and services that make the stay at the Show pleasant, I guarantee you,a really interesting experience in an evocative and classy environment.

Contacts for room booking
Milan Marriott Hotel
Tel. 02 48521 Fax. 02 4852287

The “countercurrent” philosophy of the CIC exhibition

With a philosophy apparently countercurrent but one that I share, the Board of the C.I.C. has chosen to reserve participation in the show exclusively to associate and certified artisan knifemen.

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This feature, which is almost unique worldwide, has created a strong interest in the collectors of custom knives who come now from all over the world to attend such a niche event.

The quality of the participants is of the highest level, not only because the Italian Masters are of excellent caliber and certified by the CIC itself, but also because the skilful blend with the Foreign Masters creates a competition and a special interest.

Artistic knife art

For some years in the exhibition there has been an exhibition of collectible knives built by the founding fathers of the artistic knife shop (Randall, Schmidt, Moran) made available by Italian and foreign collectors who thus offer the contribute to the value of the event.

Materials suppliers

In addition, in an adjacency space in the exhibition room there is a space dedicated to the best-known dealers of steel and knife materials (handles/mosaic pin/pellami/lime/etc.) where you can directly seize the material and be able to touch and see them up close.

In addition to the materials there are also exhibitors of equipment such as tape sanders, hardening ovens for knives,etc.

Thanks to all these reasons, over the years an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness has been created that distinguishes the Milan show and gives it the prestige it enjoys.


Italian KnifeMen Associated with the Italian Coltellinai Corporation – CIC

CIC Italian coltellinai corporation

The Italian Coltellinai Corporation was founded in 1996 by five partners with the aim of safeguarding the artisan knife intended as an art object and creating the first Milanese show of custom knife.

The growing success of the event stimulates the attention of the most famous knifemen who see Milan as a fundamental meeting point for masters of the sector.

Today the show of the Italian Coltellinai Corporation, which takes place as usual on the last weekend of November, is considered one of the most important in the world.

List of CIC masters and associates

  • Aquila Vito
  • Bacchilega Massimo
  • Balistreri Vincenzo
  • Ballestra Santino
  • Barban Daniel
  • Bennica Charles
  • Bergh Roger
  • Bernini Roberto
  • Bojtos Arpad
  • Bonassi Franco
  • Bonassi Mauro
  • Brignone Paul
  • Brunette Bruno
  • Burkovski Vladimir
  • Caimmi Lorenzo
  • Calaresu Paul
  • Caregnato Riccardo
  • Charles Cavedon
  • Cerretani Mauro
  • Cicchetti Claudio
  • Sergio Consuls
  • Angelo Course
  • Barry Davis
  • Dell Wolfgang
  • Di Paco Milko
  • Ebner Johannes
  • Elijah Peter
  • Embretsen kaj
  • Esposito Emmanuel
  • Fachin Valentino
  • Farina Antonio
  • Feltresi Moreno
  • Filippi Ivo
  • Fin Luciano
  • Fogarizzu Antonio, Fogarizzu Gianmario, Fogarizzu Piero, Fogarizzu Salvatore
  • Francalanci Giuseppe
  • Frizzi Leonardo
  • Gallotta Andrea
  • Gamper Martin, (11]
  • Garau Marcello
  • Garau Pine
  • Gidoni Paul
  • Giant Charles
  • Giurisate Roberto
  • Gobec Stefan
  • Goshovsky Yassyl
  • Gulli Pierluigi
  • Gustafsson Johan
  • Hankala Jukka
  • Hara Koji
  • Headrick Gary
  • Horn Des, New T.,
  • Ibba Daniel
  • Angel Ungrateful
  • Jankowsky Michael
  • Knickmeyer Hank
  • The Giusa Savior
  • Lecocq Alexis
  • Loerchner Wolfgang
  • Loerchner Elizabeth
  • Mattioli Maurizio
  • Merli Walter
  • Messori Manuele
  • Minnick Jim & Joyce
  • Montagna Livio
  • Socrates Morlacchetti
  • Morotti Attilio
  • Movilli George
  • Denis Mura
  • Murialdo Marco
  • Muro Pelliconi Alberto
  • Musso Alexandre
  • Nardelli Stephen
  • Ottonello Roberto
  • Ouye Keith
  • Pala Giuseppe
  • Paolella Amedeo
  • Parodi Klaus
  • Peddiu Mario Angelo
  • Petricca Paolo
  • Petronzio Piero
  • Pinto Lucius
  • Piras Piero
  • Pizzi Luca
  • Polyakoff Andrey
  • Poratelli Flavio
  • Pospil Alexandr
  • Puddu Saviour
  • Dario Quartini
  • Raimondi Simone
  • Ramondetti Sergio
  • Reverdy Pierre, R.E.
  • Revishvili Zaza
  • Riboni Claudio
  • Rietveld Bertie
  • Salice Sanna Massimo
  • Schanz Juergen
  • Scordia Paolo
  • Scotti Angelo
  • Sferragatta Michele
  • Sfreddo Rodrigo
  • Silvestrelli Fabrizio
  • Simonella Gianluigi
  • Sinibaldi Alfredo
  • Sistigu Raymond
  • Steinau Jurgen
  • Suchéras Jean Pierre
  • Tencati Joseph
  • Terzuola Robert
  • Thorburn Andrè E.
  • Todeschi Mark
  • Tolotti Angelo
  • Tonelli Caesar
  • Fabio Tossici
  • Trevisi Charles Albert
  • Trombin Bruno
  • Tschager Reinhard
  • Tuominen Pekka
  • Valsecchi Elio
  • Van Rijswijk Aad
  • Velarde Ricardo
  • Volpato Claudio
  • Weinstock Robert
  • Wood Owen
  • Zicolillo Aldo

The CIC knife exhibition in Milan


The knives exhibition of the CIC in Milan is a unique opportunity to see up close the creations of custom and artisan knives made by the cic masters.

Here you can see great makers who are always available to explain their creations and also to answer any question and suggestion for those who try their hand at this art.

It really is an incredible occasion that you can’t miss if you’re interested in the hobby/passion for the knife.

It is also an opportunity to buy some collectibles directly from a maker who has particularly interested you.

Are you eperience?


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This post is also available in: Italian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

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