The over-the-counter insert press

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over-the-counter pressOver-the-counter press is one of the tools that are often used to correctly insert rivets when making kydex sheaths.

Elastic teflon eyelets/ribaditures are used to reaffirm kydex cases (knives, guns, mobile phones, key rings, cutlery, etc…), but what interests us is mainly for knife sheaths or as in this case kydex knife holsters.

It is a tool that if you notice it you see in many knife maker workshops.

The over-the-counter insert press

The barbell press

A barbell press is a type of press in which the pin is operated up and down by a gear and a rack.

A rack (or denture) is a linear, flat or rod gear, which together with a cogwheel is used in mechanics to convert the rotary motion into continuous linear motion or vice versa.

Thegear-rack mechanism is also called spool-dentiera.The over-the-counter insert press

A large rotational motion results in a small movement along the vertical axis in this case.

The high reduction ratio allows you to obtain high compression asic forces.

over-the-counter press


Other over-the-counter presses

The over-the-counter insert press

There are also other types of eye-planting presses that are effective.

They are personal choices, I personally prefer the rack version but they are both effective.


The over-the-counter press is not something necessary to plant rivets in Kydex but compared to the manual operation through the re-reflector on matrix and punch of the rivets this allows to have a better uniformity.The over-the-counter insert press coltellimania.comThey are one of those things that if you make many sheaths in Kydex (kydex knife holster) it is better to get the bench press to have a better quality of production and you can also use it for other functions.The over-the-counter insert press






It is a support equipment that can also be useful for other operations but which I recommend you take if you do a lot of kydex sheaths.

It helps you in its realization!

Are you experience?



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