The Parable of the Blacksmith of Swords

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The parable of the swordsman is an incredible story that encompasses the only way to really learn, do this only if you want to become good!!!

To learn how to build a “simple” object like the knife you need to study, do, redo, make mistakes, try again, etc.

You need constancy, determination and also money, you have understood well why equipment and materials cost and at the beginning it is a hobby that requires investments that can be more or less important according to your possibilities.

Of course at the beginning you can start with a few tools but still between equipment and direct and indirect materials there is some investment to be made but it is your passion that must guide you.The Parable of the Blacksmith of Swords

The Parable of the Blacksmith of Swords

“A long, long time ago, in a distant land, lived a blacksmith of swords, known throughout the world for his sublime ability to forge iron and turn it into elegant and lethal swords.

One day, the story of the incredible skill of the blacksmith of swords reached the court, and the King, fascinated by this story, wanted to meet as soon as possible such a gifted subject.

The King’s knights began searching for the blacksmith of swords far and wide, scouring the entire kingdom, until they found him in a small village near the mountains.

Faced with the King’s invitation, the blacksmith of swords could do nothing but accept and, greeting his family, followed the knights to court.

During their first meeting, the King was immediately fascinated by the humility and kindness of the blacksmith of swords and decided to reciprocate it with equal courtesy.

After a brief chat, the King asked the blacksmith of swords the question he asked all the great masters and experts of his court:

“Blacksmith of swords, tell me, what is your secret?

How do you manage to forge such beautiful swords?”

The blacksmith, not at all intimidated, replied to his King with reverence, but firmness: “Sire, there is no secret.”

The story of the parable of the blacksmith of swords continues..

The King seemed perplexed, but let his guest continue. “Since I was a child I have had the opportunity to observe, first my grandfather and then my father, working iron.

” As if captured by the ecstasy of memories, the blacksmith of swords continued his tale.

“I soon fell in love with this art that forges such powerful elements of nature: iron, fire and water.

Seeing such elegant swords born from raw iron not only fascinated my mind, but also captured my heart.

It was then that, as a child, I decided that I would become the greatest swordsmith in the world.

” The King and the whole court continued to listen in silence to the humble craftsman.

“Growing up, I read all the books that were written on the art of swordmaking and learned every technique on ironworking.

And that’s not all.

If a book didn’t contain the word ‘sword’, if a discussion didn’t deal with ironworking, and in general, if an activity had nothing to do with swords, I simply didn’t waste my time with it.

I believe this is the secret of my Excellency Majesty.”The Parable of the Blacksmith of Swords

The Parable of the Blacksmith of Swords is a tale that embodies the value of focus, dedication and passion in the art of mastery.

The blacksmith of swords represents an individual who has achieved excellence in his craft through constant commitment, deep research and complete dedication to his craft.

This account highlights some important lessons:

  1. Passion and dedication: The blacksmith of swords has developed an intense passion from an early age for the art of swordmaking. His total dedication allowed him to dive deeply into learning and developing his skills.
  2. Selective focus: The swordsmith consciously chose to focus only on what was relevant to his craft. He avoided distractions and invested his time only in activities related to swords and ironworking.
  3. Continuous learning: Despite already being an expert, the swordsmith continued to learn from every available resource, from books to personal experiences. This hunger for knowledge helped him constantly improve his skills.
  4. Transmission of knowledge: The swordsmith inherited knowledge from his grandfather and father and carried on this tradition. This underlines the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise across generations.
  5. Humility and Respect: Despite his extraordinary ability, the swordsmith remains humble and respectful towards the King and his role. This humility is a precious quality that contributes to his mastery.



The parable of the blacksmith of swords can be interpreted in many ways, but a central message is that excellence requires deep commitment, focused dedication and a passionate passion for what you do.

It is a call to pursue our goals with determination and to embrace the continuous learning process to achieve ever higher levels of mastery.

This story is to explain to you that there are not many ways to become good, there are no shortcuts or magic wands but it must be a small obsession, a constant, it must be a lifestyle.

You have to study art and practice!

The ability and development of skills is a process.

Are You Experience?


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