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Sostieni il progetto Coltellimania. Leggi e Condividi!
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The facebook and Instagram page of and other social networks is done.

With this post I want to inaugurate the pill of the day that wants to be a way to make short communications about news or short news.

Clearly these are “pills” so posts a few lines but informative.

Today the pill of the day is linked to the social part of!

The page on Facebook and Instagram are open although I want to say it right away but I have my own personal approach to social networks that I find an interesting tool but always with respect for the work of other people and those who do.

Read this post about online and social communication!

Beyond the blog

But if you like to read the blog and subscribe to the newsletter, you can also subscribe to the facebook page or follow me on Instagram, I like cooscerti.

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It’s something that pleases me because it can be a way to communicate and to know when the new posts come out and know more about me and the work I do not only on the project.

This project is a free journey into the world of knifemaking, a passion without compromise and where I will not accept any “game”.

If you like it and find some interesting ideas come on the blog, if you do not like stay out of my circle, I do not care but do not look for me because I come to pick you up.

This is a place to maker!

I like people who build or transform not who destroy or try to destroy the work of others.

This is a fundamental premise in these “social” times!

Now if you agree with this premise what you need to do right away is click like on the facebook page and Instagramchannel, share articles, comment, etc.

Good reading and good work!

AndreaThe page on facebook and Instagram

If you liked what you read and it was useful before you leave the page share the article through the social keys that you see at the top and comments. Thank you very much!

That’s important! I still ask you for a little effort but for me it is useful for the project, i like on the facebook pageand instagram channel.


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This post is also available in: Italian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

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