The polishing dough for metals in the cutlery

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The polishing paste for metalsThe polishing paste for metals in the knife shop but in general the abrasive paste is a product that serves to create a surface wear (abrasion) of an object by rubbing, in order to modify the external properties of the same.

From this paste also derive polishes with abrasive (but more diluted) characteristics, which originally have functions similar to protective wax.

Using polishing paste for metals in the cutlery

This product is used in different fields and can also take on different denominations, from the dermatological field with the washing machine paste,from the mechanical field (metal objects) and aesthetic with chromopulors (chrome-care), to jewelry with polishing abrasive pastes, to the bodywork.

It is mainly used to remove small surface imperfections that have not affected the entire thickness of any surface treatment, and is also used for polishing.

Composition of polishing paste for metals

This paste uses a powder that, depending on its use, has a grain more or less thin and constant and that makes up for the most part, uses a soap that allows smoothness and optimal use, in addition depending on the applications can be composed even with a thinner.

Against directions

Such a product given its abrasive characteristics should not be used for parts that have a subtle surface treatment,as it can cause its removal or thinning by changing its characteristics.

Types of polishing pastes for knife makers:

Super Black (metal roughing)

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Keratin H.Q. (wood, horns and bones shine)

Pink Polish (soft metal shine)

Special Green (fine hard metals shine)

Light Blue (Titanium shine paste)


Personally for metal the polishing paste for knife that I have recommended experienced makers of the CIC is this:

White Chrome Rouge,it costs about 10 euros but it is only orderable in the United States, so there is the problem of shipping and it is better to make a larger order to recoup the shipping costs.

The polishing paste for metals

As soon as I get the try, for now I’m using a quality one that is found by specialized retailers.

Are you eperience?


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This post is also available in: Italian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

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