The serrated blade or partially serrated blade

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The serrated blade or partially serrated blade

Usually in knives a partial serration is made but if the knife has a particular intended use as in some types of kitchen knives for cutting bread it can be extended throughout the wire and with a different serration size.

I provide you in this post the most used dimensions but clearly you can repeat the small step several times or for several times or have only the large step of the serration.

The partially serrated blade is also called toothed blade, sawtooth blade or serrated blade.

Size of serrated blade or partially serrated blade

The dimensions for making a serration are usually 9.2 mm wide repeated several times according to the need and type of knife where inside the 9.2 mm are inserted saw teeth, two 2.6 mm and one 4 mm.

Trace the knife well, if you have the Prussian blue better but an indelible fine-tipped marker is also fine, before performing the work with the files and the templates of the groove diameters to be used as a support for the various grains of the abrasive paper.

Some also use to perform the partially serrated blade also electro tools such as the dremel with appropriate inserts, it is faster but it is up to you how you manage to control the tool with the rotation.

Adjust the speed of the tool correctly, this is an important aspect such as speed when you do the work on the belt sander, but above all first do some tests on some “wrong” knife that you have made or some knife that you have in the drawer that you no longer use.

The serrated blade or partially serrated blade

Cutting characteristics of the serrated blade

A serrated blade has a sharp wire but having less contact area than a smooth blade, the pressure applied to each point of contact is relatively higher and the contact points are more angled than the material to be cut.

This generates a cutting action that involves many small cracks in the surface of the material to be cut, which cumulatively serve to cut the material along the line of the blade.

Cuts made with a serrated blade are generally less smooth and precise than cuts made with a smooth blade.

The serrated blades are more difficult to sharpen by not being able to use a sharpening stone or a rotating sharpet than flat blades, but they should be sharpened with a diamond.

However, serrated blades tend to remain sharper longer than a straight-cut flat blade.

A serrated blade has a faster cut but a one has a less precise cut than a flat blade where the cut remains cleaner.

Some prefer a serrated blade on their knife because it is more versatile for different uses.Serrated Blade

In this case the version of this knife was without the serration that was added later.

This is an operation that requires a little patience but it is not very long to perform with the right equipment also to give a good sharpening even to the serrated part that must be performed groove by groove.

Aesthetically from a technical content that on some knives is very attractive but above all it is very effective in practice when you have to cut for example the ropes because it allows a greater incisiveness allowing a cut even in more complicated or emergency conditions.


Use these dimensions to make the blade of your serrated knife or partially serrated blade.

It is a personal choice to make your blade more versatile for some specific uses but it is not something necessary on all types of knives.

If you are not practical and you want the hacksaw on your industrial knife or custom I can do it for you.

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