The wooden templates of knives

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The wooden templates of knives

The wooden templates of knivesThe wooden templates of fixed knives.

The use of wooden files is one of the things that I consider useful for a maker for several reasons.

The template is simply a piece of wood 4-5 mm thick with the shape of the knife you want to make.

Usually the detailed drawing is glued and the contouring is carried out giving the shape of the knife.The wooden templates of knives

The template allows you to get an idea of the proportion and shape of the real knife and has many advantages:

  • It’s quick to model
  • Allows you to evaluate its proportion and shape three-dimensionally
  • It remains the template to redo the same knife in the future
  • It’s cheap

Contouring wood with a sander is something very quick and allows you to immediately evaluate the proportion of the shape you have made with a very low cost compared to contouring the steel and realizing that something is wrong and start trying where possible some curve in the hope of giving it an aesthetic or functional sense.

Personally, I think it is a very useful working method that helps to fix even better the idea of what you want to achieve.

In addition, you can number and date the rhyme and keep it in your laboratory to be able to make new replicas.

Some makers build the dimes of knives that run several times with cheap steels to use them to draw on the steel bar, this is a possibility that you have to evaluate.

Use plywood or layered wood.

The wooden templates of the askable knives

Wooden Knife 1
You can also make wooden templates of knives that can be asked even if I believe that the precision of the mechanisms is not verifiable but even in this case some fundamental checks can be done and it is better to find out first with a wooden prototype than after hours of work on steel but still it is a choice.

The wooden templates of knives

The wooden templates of knives coltellimania.comVery useful to study the kinematics on a support plane where you can make checks.The wooden templates of knivesThe wooden templates of knives

Today there are also 3D printers that give great possibilities such as creating hybrids mixed with plastic and metal to allow fundamental checks that help you save time.

Personally using the 3D Cad I do not have much difficulty in verifying the kinematics in virtual before making a prototype but if you do not have these skills and possibilities then the wooden templates are a method that can help you whether it is a fixed knife or a folding knife.

Ps. The fundamental thing like everything is to know what you are doing

The wooden templates of knives

Wooden knives

Perhaps someone inspired by this method has decided to go beyond the wooden templates of knives by creating working wooden knives of kitchen knives.

Here are some examples of wooden knives:

The wooden templates of knives coltellimania.comWooden knives


My advice is to use this method because it allows you to immediately analyze the quality of the design of the knife you want to build.

In some cases I also use them to understand and study how to do some steps and avoid throwing knives and although it is not the same as doing it on steel allows you to understand what you are doing.

To do this I often those the wood to see what happens!

It is not free but it is much cheaper than steel bars.

In addition, the template remains and you can use it to redo the same model of knife.

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