Tippmann Boss

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Tippmann Boss

Tippmann Boss Boss Leather Sewing Machine

One of the fundamental elements to combine with the knife is the scabbard.

The knife scabbard is the container of the knife and has more main functions of safely transporting a white weapon, usually knife, dagger or sword.

In history all cutting weapons were equipped with sheath, knives, swords, axes, etc. were equipped with the sheath that also became an accessory with multiple functions such as carrying steel, or a barbed wire trunk in bayonets, etc.

But one thing is certain, a fixed-bladed knife without a sheath is not easily transportable safely.

Often the knife scabbard is made of leather and for this reason many makers perform the construction by performing a hand seam of the scabbard but Tippmann has created the Boss machine to provide knife makers with a tool to perform professional seams and more quickly.

I believe that for many makers this machine is a small desire that they would like to have in their knife maker workshop.

The knife sheath

Features of the Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine

This machine can sew through leather and leather, up to 3/4 inch thick (about 1.9cm) and also sews nylon, canvas, urethane, plastic, sheepskin, etc.

No need for you to worry about cables, sockets or mechanical connections because this machine is designed to be completely self-sufficient.

It is enough to pull the handle to start sewing.

The Tippmann Boss leather and leather sewing machine completes a precise knotted stitch at every pull of the handle.

The Tippmann Boss sewing machine is fully adjustable to:

  • point lengths,
  • wire dimensions,
  • Needles
  • tension
  • et cetera.

You can count on the Boss to provide accuracy and consistency on every point.

It is a sewing machine designed and built with a sturdy cast aluminum housing, the Boss will guarantee you many years of service.

Whether it is processing or repair, you will be satisfied with the professional results.

The sewing machine “The Boss” comes with a one-year warranty on all parts and service labor and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Website: https://tippmannindustrial.com/

Price: 1000 €

Tippmann Boss

The “BOSS” Leather Hand Stitcher delivered with:

  • Assortment of 10 needles ( Two 7×3 160, two 7×3 180, two 7×3 200, two 794200, two 794250)
  • 1 spool of wire (quarter coil of 277W)
  • 2 coils
  • Allen wrenches and screwdriver
  • Wire spool holder
  • Manual
  • Reel reel


Feed TypeNeedle Feed/Lower Needle Guide
Stitch TypeLock Stitch
BedCylinder Bed
Throat Depth6.5″
Stitch Cycle RateVariable, 1-100 Stitches per Minute
Maximum Sewable Thickness3/4″
Needle System794 Series and 7X3
Thread Sizes69 to 415
Stitch Length Adjustment4 per inch – 16 per Inch Adjustable
Machine Weight21 lbs
Shipping Weight23 lbs


Tippmann Boss


Surely it is the top machine for stitching leather, a bit like the Tormek in the field of water sharpening.

If you have to perform a lot of scabbards or leather work this is one of the best machines and for this reason it is an object coveted by many makers.

Clearly the price of 1000 € leads many makers to perform the seams by hand but if you want to take away a satisfaction and have a machine with which to perform the knife chainstays and that will accompany you forever in the realization of the scabbards this is the sewing machine made specifically to sew the thick leather and make the leather chainstays of your knives.

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