Titangrinder the Italian belt grinder

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Titangrinder the Italian belt grinderTitangrinder is a CE approved belt sander with a completely renewed project, born from the friendship between a knife maker and a metalworker with years of experience in modern metallurgy after various researches at national level not having found a product that satisfied us we decided to create Titangrinder with this machine we have pushed ourselves to the maximum in materials, in the quality of the components and in the construction in general, extremely versatile the machine and able to satisfy even the most demanding knifmaker.

The belt sander is a fundamental tool for cutlery if you want to start seriously making the art of knife construction.

The purchase of a sander is a sign that the maker intends to start building knives with more constancy and to devote himself to this passion with constancy and seriousness.

The purchase of a sander represents a step that many have made in their experience in cutlery after building knives with files and then by hand or with small hobby sanders not suitable for smoothing materials such as steel especially after being hardened.

Titangrinder the Italian belt grinder

Description of the Titangrinder sander

Titangrinder in the Top Pro version is a belt sander measuring 1800 mm with 2 Hp power in EEC homologation is the professional solution for the construction of any type of knife I have custom manual processing compatible with all Titangrinder accessories, the inverter allows you to adjust the speed and the silent and precise direction of travel is already supplied with the main accessories.
150mm aluminum traction wheel (for higher speed)
Drag wheels all in aluminum.
Supplied with: PL01-R025-RL01-PN01
Titangrinder Accessories

The history of the Titangrinder belt sander

Titangrinder born in the Republic of San Marino where the industrial standard is very high, numerical control machines perform the processing of the carcass and pieces with precision to the hundredth of a millimeter, this allows precise sliding of the support bars with minimum clearances (to the tenth of mm.) and safe locks.

The innovative tensioner arm of the belt is controlled by a gas spring that allows an almost constant load throughout the excursion.

Titangrinder the Italian belt grinder coltellimania.com

All components are born from carefully selected raw materials, galvanized Fe370 drawn steels then electrolytically, pickled sheets treated after processing with very resistant epoxy powder coating.

All this allows a constant quality control;

even the electrical components are carefully selected, from the performance motors to the TOSHIBA inverters with a three-year warranty, everything is finally tested with scrupulous TESTS.

Titangrinder the Italian belt grinder coltellimania.com

The price of the Titangrider belt sander varies depending on the model:

  • Eco –> 999 €
  • Standard –> 1500 €
  • Top –> 1700 €
  • Top Pro –> 1900 €
  • Anniversary –> 2300 €

The price and model vary depending on the power and the matching accessories.

Website: Titangrinder


The sander for knife makers by Titangrinder is a product now tested by many makers who consider it an effective tool and equipped with many accessories.

I have many maker friends who have been using this sander for several years and are satisfied with it.

It is always possible to see this sander in person because the company is often present in the main events concerning cutlery, from the CIC in Milan, to the fair in Pisa and Livorno, to Lame under the arcades, etc. to be able to see the product in person.

Thanks to a maker friend I had the opportunity to try this sander more than once and I must say that thanks to the tipping system, the ease with which you can switch from the vertical plane to the contact wheels in the different diameters, to the rolls, to the ease with which you can replace the tapes I found a functional sander for the purpose, perhaps aesthetically less appealing than other sanders of American manufacturers but which lacks nothing in terms of stability and power.

Even the same 1800 x 50 mm tapes are easily available from the same company.

Are you experience?


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