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Tormek T-4Tormek T-4 is a high-quality knife sharpening machine and is ideal in both home and hobby and professional.

It is compatible with the wide range of Tormek devices and is able to sharpen virtually all types of knives but not only.

It is an intermediate version because the Top of the range is the T-8 that has wheels with a diameter of 250 mm but that is fine for a knife maker and sharpen their knives at a high level.

Clearly the Tormek makes several products for sharpening but in this post I want to talk about the model that I recommend if you are a knife maker but I tell you right away it has a price ranging from 350 to 400 euros.

Tormek T-4 is a professional tools for sharpening and elevates features such as precision and stability to a whole new level.

The vital elements of the machine, such as the engine and the main shaft, are mounted inside a zinc top cover that also includes the built-in sleeves for universal support.

This advanced design provides unparalleled precision for universal support, which controls all devices and accessories.

As with larger models, the T-4 features an original Tormek grinding wheel that as you’ll see later can be replaced with even higher quality grinding wheels.

It is optimized to combine efficient abrasive capacity, smooth surface finish and long life.

With the stone revives mola included,you can change the surface of the mola from a grain of 220 to a grain of 1000, obtaining from the same mola two different sharpening qualities.

Sharpening Tormek T-4 Sharpening Tormek T-4The T-4 is ideal for sharpening as well as knives of chisels, scissors and small carving tools.

It also works with turning tools and drill tips, while for plate irons and profiled knives we recommend a larger Tormek machine.

Note that some forms of gusts cannot be sharpened with the SVD-186 device and on the leather wheel due to the compact size of the Tormek T-4.

These shapes can be sharpened freehand.

The engine is calibrated for continuous use sessions of 30 minutes each.

This feature makes the T-4 suitable for home needs while for more challenging jobs we recommend that you consider one of the larger Tormek models that can operate continuously.Sharpening Tormek T-4

Tormek T-4 arrives at your home complete with:

  • stone revives mola SP-650,
  • WM-200 corner positioner,
  • abrasive paste PA-70 and
  • Tormek’s manual on sharpening.

The T-4 is configurable with devices of your choice based on the tools to be refined (sold separately).

Sharpening Tormek T-4

PDF documentation:

Specifications of the T-4

Patent: EP 2946881
Width 230 mm, Depth 200 mm, Height 260 mm
Weight: Packing 9.8 kg, The machine alone 8.0 kg
Mola: Original Mola Tormek SG-200, Aluminium Oxide, 200 to 40 mm, 120 rpm, 8.4 Nm torque
Leather disc: .145 to 26 mm
Main shaft: Washers and nuts in stainless steel. Ezylock dial in plastic.
Shell: ANTI-choc ABS with higher zinc cover.
Engine: Industrial monophase, 120 W (absorbed power).
230 V, 50 Hz. I use 30 min./hour. No maintenance.
Silent, 54 dB. Duration: 10,000 hours.
Warranty: 7 years

‘In the event that it is used for commercial, industrial or educational purposes, the Tormek T-4 is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Tormek T-4 professional sharper Tormek T-4 professional sharper


Detailed information about Tormek T-4

The inclusion of universal support sleeves in the zinc top cover and the stage-shaped Tormek holes (pending patent) resulted in a 300 improvement in accuracy compared to the T-3 model.Tormek T-4 professional sharper
The handle makes it easy to move and position the machine. This will avoid the mistake of trying to lift the machine with universal support.
Tormek T-4 professional sharper
Vital elements, such as the engine and the main shaft, are integrated with the top zinc cover.
Tormek T-4 professional sharper Tormek T-4 professional sharper

The machine plate is now made of metal and offers a convenient storage area for the Tormek corner positioner (equipped with magnetic feet).

Tormek T-4 professional sharper

What are the differences between the Tormek T-4 and T-3 models?

Improved accuracy by more than 300
As a result, control over sharpening and accuracy of results will increase.

Handle to make it easier to move
Facilitates the placement and transfer of the machine.

Metal plate
It offers a convenient area to store the Tormek corner positioner (equipped with magnetic feet). Scale for the diameter of the mola.

Straight blade device not included
You can now configure the Tormek machine from the first use with the devices that are right for your sharpening needs. For example, if you sharpen only knives you will not have to pay for devices that you do not use.

Stone ravvivates including (because it is necessary)
The livel stone will be needed regardless of the tool you want to sharpen, so we decided to include it from the beginning. To have a cutting stone always fresh, we strongly recommend its use. In addition, the reviving mola gets two different cutting actions (fast/fine) from your mola.

Is the accuracy of the T-4 comparable to that offered by the larger T-8 machines?
Thanks to the head of the patented zinc machine it is possible to achieve the same precision offered by the T-8.

Mole for a sharp and durable sharp

Tormek moles are renowned for their efficiency and durability.

With proper maintenance, they can be used easily for many years.

Currently, Tormek offers three different types of moles, optimized with special qualities for the various applications.

The Water-cooled Tormek T-8 and Tormek T-4 water-cooled sharpening systems are equipped with the original Tormek mola.

They guarantee efficient steel removal and a smooth surface finish using the same grinder: you can change the grain from 220 to a value equivalent to 1000, for a finer surface and a sharper cutting edge.

For an even finer surface, we recommend the Japanese Waterstone Tormek with 4000 grits,for a mirror finish and a razor-sharp sharp ness.”

For faster removal of the material, the right choice is Tormek Blackstone Silicon, developed with special qualities that allow it to sharpen super fast steel and other exotic steel alloys faster.

All moles have a common feature: they are designed to give the tool a sharp and durable sharp ness with the desired surface finish.

For more information on the characteristics of each mola and compatibility with the machines, see the respective products page.

Tormek’s Mole

Tormek’s diamanated moles have been developed specifically for its water-cooled sharpening system.

Due to the low working speed, the machines are ideal for use with the moles because they do not generate heat.

Tormek’s large moles have exceptional durability, a constant sharpening capacity and always maintain the nominal diameter.

Users who sharpen the same tool frequently will only appreciate this feature, which makes it easier to set up and sharpen.

The new Tormek diamanated moles come in three different grains: big, fine and extra fine.

Ps. I think for now I’m only for the T8 version that has moles with 250 mm diameter.

Thanks to its constant diameter, the grinder offers the ability to sharpen on the sides as well as on the circumference.

The side sharpening is perfect for small carving tools such as goats, V-tools, plank irons, wood chisels and knives.

The result is a sharp beet from the totally flat surface instead of concave.

To sharpen on the side of the moles, it is recommended to use the multiple Base Tormek MB-100 with the appropriate device for the specific tool.

The combination of multiple base and device ensures total support and control during sharpening.

If you don’t know which device to use, visit the “Which device should I use?” page on the manufacturer’s website or write an email.

SG-200 Tormek Mola Original

Tormek T-4 professional sharper

The original Tormek SG-200 is the smaller version of the SG-250 mola and has the same composition and qualities.

It is offered as standard with Tormek T-4 model machines.

For more information on this unique mola and its features, see the original Tormek SG-250 mola page.

Suitable for Tormek T-4 and previous Tormek models with a 200mm diameter mola.

SJ-200 Tormek Japanese Waterstone

Tormek T-4 professional sharper

The Tormek Japanese Waterstone 4000 mola offers a mirrored finish with almost invisible marks.

Since the mola is made to create a very fine surface, it has limited abrasive capacity and cannot be used for tool shaping.

The waterstone mola is excellent for sharpening hand tools such as carving tools, knives, scissors, plank irons and wood chisels that require the removal of a minimum amount of steel and a quality surface finish Upper.

Its unique composition guarantees it an extremely long useful life. As the Japanese Waterstone grinder leaves a very fine surface, it is not recommended to proceed to the next sanding on the leather disc.

The surface of the mola is cleaned from the steel fragments approximately every minute via the SP-650 revived.

Avoid using the rough side of the livel on the Japanese Waterstone mola.

It is the smallest version of the Tormek Japanese Waterstone mola, but the same composition and quality as the SJ-250.

For more information on the features of the SJ-250 Tormek Japanese Waterstone, see its product page.

The SJ-200 is suitable for the Tormek T-4 and the previous Tormek models with a 200 mm diameter mola.

Leather disc from 145 to 26 mm

Tormek T-4 professional sharper coltellimania.comThis wheel gently removes the dross that develops during smoothing, polishing the bisello.

It is used in conjunction with tormek PA-70 abrasive pasta.

To have as much sharpening as possible on your tool, finish the procedure with finishing on the leather disc.

Swedish quality leather

The leather of the album is produced by the Swedish company Tornsj Graver.

The leather has been working and leather for over 140 years and is one of the few companies that uses only natural products.

The leather disc is made from materials that respect the environment and the highest quality.

PA-70 Abrasive paste

Tormek T-4 professional sharper coltellimania.comThe sanding compound is used with the Tormek leather disc.

The excellent quality of the leather, together with the sanding compound, will effectively remove the dross that developed during sharpening without damaging the cutting edge.

At the same time, it will polish the bisello ensuring the finest finish.

The sanding compound contains a combination of polishing and micro abrasive components (with an average grain of 3 microns).

One application is enough for about 5-10 tools.

Apply the sanding mixture to the leather.

The impregnated leather disc will be more efficient with each use.

A new leather disc must first be impregnated with a light lubricant oil to reach the right consistency and absorb the sanding mixture.

US-430 Extended Universal Support for Long Knives

Tormek T-4 professional sharper coltellimania.comProlonged universal support to sharpen long utensils such as knives and mace.

Micro-adjustment with a precise scale to perfectly find the sharpening angle. Tormek T-4 professional sharper

Can be used with Tormek T-8/T-7/T-4/T-3 and all older Tormek models. Length: 436 mm. Height: 212 mm.

It can be placed in the following locations:

  • Vertical to sharpen towards the cutting edge.
  • Horizontally to sharpen in the opposite direction to the cutting edge.
  • Horizontally from the part of the leather disc to perform sanding.Tormek T-4 professional sharper

SVM-45 Knife Device

Tormek T-4 professional sharper coltellimania.comThe Tormek SVM-45 knife device is ideal for sharpening all kinds of knives, for home, kitchen, carving, hunting and fishing. Knives for carving can also be sharpened.

Since the device rests on the universal support without being tightened, you can follow the curve of the blade.

As a rule, the universal support is positioned vertically to sharpen the sharp.

Short knives can also be sharpened in the outside direction of the cutting edge with the horizontally mounted universal support.

The minimum length of the blade is 60 mm. For smaller knives, see the SVM-00 device.

More information about knife sharpening and sharpening angles is available onthe “Sharpening Corners”page.

For knives with long, flexible blades, see the SVM-140 long knife device.

SVM-140 Long knife device

Tormek T-4 professional sharper

The Tormek long knife SVM-140 device has been developed mainly for sharpening long, flexible knives, such as fillet knives.

This device works exactly like the SVM-45 knife device but is larger.

The wide width of 140 mm stabilizes the long and thin blades offering greater support.

Of course, it can also be used for wider knives with a more stable blade such as kitchen knives.

The device is stationed on the universal media.

To set the exact sharpening angle, turn the adjustable stop or use the micro-regulator on the universal medium.

The universal support is positioned vertically to sharpen to the cutting edge.Tormek T-4 professional sharper

More information about knife sharpening and sharpening is available on the “Knife Sharpening Corners” page.

SVM-00 Mini Knife Device

Tormek T-4 professional sharper coltellimania.comThe SVM-00 mini knife device offers the ability to sharpen blades whose small size had until now made this difficult.

Generally, small knives were sharpened freehand but each time it was difficult to achieve a consistent shape and it was almost impossible to control the angle of sharpening.

The blade holder works together with the Tormek SVM-45 knife device.

Knives of different shapes can be sharpened with perfect control for sculpture, carving, and detailing, including folding pocket knives.

Since the handle of the knife is mounted in the SVM-00 device, it is possible to sharpen even the shortest blades.

Tormek T-4 professional sharper coltellimania.comPatent No. SE 537247, EP 2660005.
USE 9186767.

SP-650 Stone revives mola

Tormek T-4 professional sharper

The SP-650 revitalization stone allows you to change the grain size of the original Tormek mola to obtain a finer sharpening surface.

The other side of the stone revives mola is used to keep the mola in efficiency, bringing new abrasive grains on the surface for effective sharpening.

The original Tormek grinder is designed so that it can be treated with the stone revives mola and change its quality from coarse grinding to fine sharpening.

The benefits are obvious.

After you create the desired shape on the tool, such as a chisel, you can get an even finer cutting edge using the same mola and sharpening machine with the same devices and configurations.

In addition to the economic convenience of not having to replace the equipment, you are sure to get exactly the same angle of sharpening.

Switch to a fine sharpening

To adjust the mola to a finest sharpening, press the fine side of the stone to rekindle against the surface of the mola for about 30 seconds.

This will change the function on the surface of the original Tormek mola (grain 220) to function like a 1000-grain mola.

Activate the mola

To return to the original grain 220, simply press the rough side against the surface of the mola for a few seconds until you detect the change of that surface.

To keep the mola fresh and efficient, use the rough side of the stone to liven up the mola when needed.

Press hard manually for about 30 seconds.

This process will not cause excessive wear on the mola and can be repeated indefinitely.Tormek T-4 professional sharper


Surely there are many ways to sharpen knives much cheaper but if your needs as a knife maker grow or you also want to provide this kind of service in your lab, or help your maker friends to have custom knives getting sharper and sharper this it can be a nice gift you make yourself.

There are also similar and cheaper ones on the market but if you really want the quality and precision in sharpening your knives this is a product of the highest quality.

Are you experience?


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