Wheels for abrasive pasta

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Wheels for abrasive pastaWheels for abrasive pasta.

The abrasive dough wheels are cotton wheels on which the abrasive pastes are applied to perform on the knife and handle an abrasion until you reach a polish.

The wheels for abrasive paste in the cutlery is widely used as well as the relative abrasive paste that changes according to the material knows how to polish.

This is the operation that usually final when the knife is now finished or on the guard before mounting, etc. depends on what you are doing.

Wheels, cotton discs for polishing, sisal and felt are together with solid abrasive pastes for polishing metals but also handles.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com


The dimensions of the wheels for abrasive paste

For some sanders that have the possibility to be mounted on the butt are fine the 200 mm diameter large 10 mm but depends on where the wheel is mounted because it must have the space to turn.

For example, the Titan Grinder sander offers a conical screw accessory that allows you to mount the wheels directly on the sander.Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

Others mount it on a disc grinder and therefore the diameter of the wheel depends on how you installed it but still you can always raise and modify it, etc.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

Others mount it on home-made or purposely mounted supports on a drill but it is not something I recommend if you are a knife maker also because for example the disc grinder is at very competitive prices and with more than enough powers for the work it has to do.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com








There are several types of wheels for abrasive pastes:

Quilted cotton discs

For shining operations on metals with the use of abrasive paste.

They are made by sewing together multiple cotton discs.

You can find them of different 70 mm diameters to go up and many manufacturers also make them available on demand.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

Sisal Quilted Discs

Discs made from multiple layers of sisal fabric sewn together.

The result is an extremely compact wheel that, thanks to its hardness, ensures a high cutting capacity.

Other diameters (70 mm to 1600 mm) available on request.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

Sisal/Cotton Quilted Discs

Sisal/cotton discs, alternating layers of sisal and cotton fabric, sewn together, have intermediate hardness between cotton discs and sisal discs, widely used for stainless steel cleaning operations (pots, knives, etc.)Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

Felt with stem

Small compressed felt tools to be used at low turns with abrasive pastes and with electro tools such as Dremel or the like.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

I put this version of Dremel as a photo even though I still have the first version but it still works well, a quality product.

I have the power cord restored because I accidentally consumed the sheath but not the wire that brings the current to luck.

For this reason I believe that the next one I will also take it for wireless convenience!

Stem Felts come in cylindrical, conical, pointed and cylindrical cone with a rounded head to have felts that fit all the typical shapes and curves you can find on a knife.

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

Until you use the softer ones depends Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com


Now it matches the abrasive pasta wheels with its correct abrasive paste according to the type of material you need to polish. Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

In my opinion the wheel must be very soft and quality especially for those who do the mirror polishing because even small hairs of the wheel leave the marks more carry the knife with a glossy and mirrored finish.

In that case the quality of the wheel is also fundamental, they are not all the same.

If you want, you can also polish your teeth. Joke!

Wheels for abrasive pasta coltellimania.com

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