Where to sell your knives

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where to sell your knivesWhere to sell your knives.

You make great knives and now you are interested in selling them.

There are many and different avenues you can take to sell your knives.

The best places to sell knives include online marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, knife forums, eBay, your website, and local markets.

If you’ve mastered the art of knife making, selling the finished product is a great way to earn extra income or even start a new business.

To succeed as a knife salesman, however, you need to be more than a skilled craftsman.

You also need to understand the market, including the best places to sell your knives.

While some outlets are simple to operate, others have complicated rules regarding the sale of knives and other products classified as weapons.

In this blog, we’ll look at the different options and how to get the most out of each of them.

So as you have now understood once you have built the knife it can be very interesting to be able to sell your knives for three fundamental purposes:

  • Pay for the materials and equipment to make new knives thus re-paying for the passion,
  • Earn with our creations to make your life easier,
  • Create a real work activity.

Each of us has personal goals when venturing into creating knives.

Although I believe that the aspect or if you want the fundamental spark is the passion for this art, the rest becomes a consequence linked to how this passion proceeds and to your interest / motivation / personal purpose.

But without passion I believe that it is not a path that can be taken given the commitment it requires.

But how to sell collectible knives?

Where to sell custom knives?

Today compared to a few years ago the advent of the internet has simplified its visibility but it is not really as simple as it appears, even here skills are needed that are not so trivial and obvious.

The channels where to sell your knives:

where to sell your knives

Knife fairs and exhibitions

This is one of the methods that allows you in addition to making you known to be able to sell your creations.

There are several in Italy but also outside the Italian borders where you can exhibit the creations and have an audience that is potentially willing to buy your knife.

If you have a wide variety of knives, rent a stand at the local fair.

Local markets

Consider attending flea markets in mountain markets and areas where you want to sell and find out if knife sellers are already established.

If there are knives for sale, do not assume that there is no room for another seller.

If you can offer something better or more unique, it might be worth it, so contact the market organizers to get a space.

Social networks

Where to sell your knives coltellimania.com

The vast majority of people now spend a considerable amount of time on and within social networks.

As a result, the buying process has been integrated into major social media platforms in the form of marketplaces.

However, not everyone allows the sale of knives and those that impose certain conditions.

  • Facebook doesn’t allow knife advertising on its site, but you can set up a business page and initiate dialogues that direct customers to your website.
  • Pinterest can be used as Facebook. Post eye-catching images of your knives and make contacts with other knife enthusiasts who might buy your products.

This has become one of the favorite channels of many makers that taking advantage of pages frequented by knife enthusiasts have the opportunity to have great visibility.

Although it may seem simple to put photos see them a lot of people and selling is not so obvious.

On Facebook there are many groups and you can also create your own page and the same thing on Instagram.

It can be a good way to start selling and that doesn’t require a lot of effort since you can do it from home.

Attention! Get paid first and always ship with tracking for that unfortunately there have been cases of scams against both makers and buyers by fake makers.

Knife forum

Online knife forums are an excellent opportunity not only to sell your blades, but also to get in touch with other enthusiasts and make good connections in the community.

In many of these forums you need to register before you can post.

If you’re not sure about any sales policies, contact a moderator first.


Where to sell your knivesA YouTube channel is a great way to reach new customers.

You can make videos that show your knives, portray you at work in your store, or share tips that help customers get the most out of their purchase.

To get a good idea of which videos work for your market, look at other knife channels and see how they do it.

Once you’ve set up your channel, enter your contact information and website link in the “About” section so that interested parties who like your videos know where they can go to get more information or make a purchase.


Your site

Where to sell your knives coltellimania.comMany makers create their own website where they can present their creations and tell their own story, etc.

It’s a good idea if you know what you’re doing differently it’s more useful to use social networks because it’s easier to give visibility to your creations.

I believe that however a maker must have his own site also to not be tied to social that over time you do not know that policies will adopt maybe prohibiting advertising certain types of objects such as knives.

If you’re planning to start a business and sell knives outside of your area, you’ll need a website.

Your choices range from a basic WordPress site you’ve set up yourself to a complete package from a digital marketing agency.

Many new knife manufacturers tend to start small and invest in a more powerful platform as their business grows, but there are a few basic principles that apply regardless of how big or complex your site may be.

  • Your website should be as fast as possible. For every extra second it takes your page to load, you’re losing a potential customer. The speed of your site (and other useful activities such as visitor engagement) can be tracked via
    Google Analytics
  • Each product (e.g. hunting knives, kitchen knives, cleavers) should have its own page. Assign a unique description to each product, do not copy and paste from one section to another.
  • Use a simple shopping cart system. People are more likely to abandon their carts if there are too many pages and clicks between adding the product to the cart and completing the checkout.
  • Email your customer a few weeks after the transaction and ask them to leave a review of the knife they just purchased. Customer reviews will not only give your product pages more exclusive content, but will also encourage others to buy the product.

Eventually, you might try using
Google AdWords
to drive traffic to your site.

To get the most out of your advertising dollars, we recommend using all of Google’s machine learning features.

Your performance can improve over time with responsive advertising text and an automated bidding strategy.

Local knife shop

where to sell your knivesIn your country and in your city there are definitely knives and you can talk to the owner to sell your creations leaving them at his store by patting his income.

Approximately 10 percent of the final cost you indicate or otherwise ask how much you want and it’s up to him to sell it at a price to earn it.

My advice and to indicate the price to avoid unnecessary speculation especially if you make multiple identical knives or similar.

No one likes to find out that you paid twice as much for the same item, and it doesn’t make sense to play with your reputation.

Some cutlery is very busy and well equipped with industrial knives and little custom knives that can become interesting for some local enthusiasts by also advertising you in your geographical area and making you known as an artisan.

The seller can propose to his customers custom products going to satisfy the demanding customers who want to give an added value to their knife.


Oline knife shops

There are some great knife stores online that could take your custom knives out of your hands.

A popular site is
: According to the guidelines of their buyers, if you send them an email with photos of any knife you have for sale, they will make you an offer within five working days if interested.

Some online retailers will advertise and sell knives for you, but they tend to impose restrictions.

For example:

  • Amazon

    only allows kitchen knives and non-collapsible hunting and throwing knives.
  • Shopify it allows you to create an online storefront for your knife business, but you won’t be able to use the Shopify Payments gateway to sell anything classified as a weapon as outlined in the Shopify Payments Terms of Service. You should use a different payment gateway.
  • Etsy allows the sale of knives intended for use as tools, provided that they are otherwise suitable for sale and meet appropriate legal requirements, such as age verification at the time of delivery where required by law. Examples of knives allowed include hunting knives, multipurpose knives, and cutlery.

If you’re considering an online store that doesn’t specifically target knife enthusiasts, check its terms of service to see if knives are banned.

If there is no mention of it, play it safe by contacting the site to ask.


where to sell your knivesFriends, cousins, relatives, etc. can introduce you but I think it’s normal if you have the esteem from them, but I don’t take it that for granted.

Ask anyone who started a cutlery business chances their first customers were family and friends.

Show them your knives in person or, for those who don’t live nearby, send an email or message on social media inviting them to check out your website (more on that later). If your site hasn’t been created yet, attach quality photos to your messages.

Many people apart from using knives in the kitchen and at the table to eat do not have a real knowledge of knives and as a result their habit if they do not have a real culture about it is that of industrial knives or low cost, I do not imagine how much it can cost a custom knife custom made to measure by a maker.

You can ask for their help sharing your creations but I don’t think it’s the best way.

If you sell knives suitable for hunting and camping, survival, prepping, etc. consider selling them to local hunters or hikers but if you are not a fan of hunting and hiking ask your friends or family if they know someone who does.

You can also search for flyers for events in outdoor sporting goods stores or search online for places where hunting and hiking organizations do local gatherings.

Consider providing some of your knives to local hunters and hikers who can test them and show them to their friends.

You can mistake them the knife for a review if they are satisfied with the performance.


you can find blades from various manufacturers, brands and models, and even handmade knives.

Although the site allows you to sell knives, there are some provisions about what types you can list.

In general, you’re fine if you sell any of the following:

On Ebay it is forbidden to sell automatic knives, double-action knives, knives and similar actions.


Where to sell your knives coltellimania.comI am creating a store for the sale of custom knives but with interesting innovations that will allow the maker to have the right visibility because it is an art and it is necessary that you understand who is the maker and its quality and executive characteristic.

I’ll explain this unique opportunity more soon.

Write to me in private for more details. coltellimania@gmail.com

Now I think you have some suggestions of the best places to sell knives.

Good sale!

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