Why are custom knives expensive?

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Why are custom knives expensive?

Why are custom knives expensive?.

I’ll explain why custom knives are expensive.

Manufacturers of industrial and artisan knives and knife consumers are in recent years discovering that even the knife industry is not immune to the aggressive prices offered by foreign producers who come mainly from China and neighbouring countries.

With the large amount of cheap labour and the availability of cheap materials, Chinese manufacturers in particular have increased their production of cheap knives by invading Western markets even with counterfeit copies of knives of big brands of industrial knives.

Sometimes it can be difficult for an unwitting user to choose between a cheap 40 euro knife and a well-made 400 euro knife and understand the reasons for it.

Often people are not aware of the technical differences and performance in the field between two apparently similar knives oriented exclusively on price and not at all considering the reliability of the knife that in some contexts such as for example survival is as fundamental as self-defense.

Why are custom knives expensive?

This is a problem that artisanal makers have always faced where while on the one hand fans who follow the exhibitions and collectors understand the value of the knife built by a maker, on the other hand it becomes difficult to understand the cost of a knife, however unique to a traditional Sunday user of the value and intrinsic content of a custom knife and built on an often unique design, with a careful selection of Materials.

It’s easy to see the enthusiasm of an average user taking a custom knife in their hand to switch off when they discover the price.

This is very unpleasant!

Why are custom knives expensive? coltellimania.com

Resist the temptation to buy a cheap knife

While the price of these knives may be attractive compared to knives manufactured by a maker, consumers need to pay close attention to the secondary materials used to produce many knives abroad or industrially.

You simply can’t compare a high-quality steel blade made by a maker to a low-quality steel blade that is mounted on a lightweight plastic handle.

But how to rate a 40 euro vs 400 euro knife?

Below are the key factors that help buyers distinguish between a 40 euro knife and a 400 euro knife.

custom knives are expensive

Material selection

One of the main predictive factors of the longevity of a knife is the selection of the materials used to build the knife.

The selection of materials is important in the following three components of the primary knife:

Why are custom knives expensive? coltellimania.com

Below is a look at each component of the primary knife and the vast differences between high-quality knives manufactured by a maker and those with poor budgets.

Llama construction: why the use of high-quality steel is key

A high-quality blade is the fundamental element of a reliable knife.

Knife makers tend to use high-performance steel and characteristics that require proper hardening processes to treat and have a correct thermal cycle that values the corresponding hard meter.

The result is a high-performance blade that has the following key attributes:

  • Strength, or ability of the knife to withstand the applied force
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Blade Wire Hold
  • Proven ability to withstand wear
  • Resistance, or the ability of steel to sustain strength before breaking
  • Hardness or resistance to deformity measured by the Rockwell scale

In contrast with high-quality steel used in high-quality knives such as D2/RWL/N690Co/etc. used by makers, many low-end knives are made of very soft 420 steel and unable to withstand corrosion or wear over time.

The blade wire’s seal is also compromised and users find that they need to sharpen a blade again after a few minutes of use to get the desired results.

The steel used to build a 40 euro knife blade cannot be compared to the particle metallurgy used to make a 400 euro knife with high-quality steel or interspersed steel.

custom knives are expensive

The handles

The materials selected to build a knife handle help determine the weight and strength of the knife itself.

While the use of high-quality basic materials increases the cost to the consumer, the use of high-quality handles materials will prolong the life of a knife.

In general, the material chosen to build the handle of a knife is indicative of its overall quality:

  • Stabilized woods or carbon fiber are frequently used in the construction of high-quality knives
  • Aluminum, rubber or plastic are often used to build cheap knives

In particular, stabilized wood and carbon have greater strength and a greater ability to withstand wear than plastic.

Quality handles are also advantageous for their lightweight structure and resistance over time to weathering and decay.
As a result, handles with stabilized wood or carbon, etc. to get to even more valuable materials are often more expensive, contributing to a higher overall price for a knife.
The use of plastic handles is a feature of cheaper knives.
While aluminum or plastic is less expensive, it is heavier but softer, resulting in a knife handle much more susceptible to dents, scratches and dents.
Plastic handles are also prone to fractures and ruptures due to its composition.
As a result, custom knives with handles made of substandard materials are almost not as durable as knives with handles made of stabilized woods, or carbon fiber.
If you really have to save better the micarta!
Why are custom knives expensive? coltellimania.com

The meaning of the use of high-quality materials and other components

When assessing knives, many people consider only the quality of the blade and the handle, if not even some look only at the aesthetic aspect neglecting with what steel is built, the hardness of the blade, etc.

They can’t even look at the quality of the key components holding a knife together.

The following are the key components that contribute to the overall effectiveness of a knife:

  • Accessories
  • Materials
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Pins

When these components are made of poor quality materials or without attention to precision, the result is poor, such as operation, reliability and durability.

Worse when it comes to lockable knives!

Why are custom knives expensive? coltellimania.com

The impact of the quality of craftsmanship in the world of knives

The importance of precision in the design of a knife cannot be underestimated.

High-quality knives manufactured by makers are generally produced by skilled craftsmen with a great attention to detail.

As a result, the overall quality and performance of higher-end knives is high.

Here are some of the ways high-end knife manufacturers exhibit the craftsmanship and precision required for a high-performance knife:

  • Significantly narrower processing tolerances
  • The construction of the blades and the heat treatment are compliant with the standards
  • Uniform finishes on the knife
  • Precise and stabilized opening and closing mechanisms

Failure to use high-quality components and ensuring that all components are precisely aligned can cause poor results or injury to the knife owner.

By investing in a high-quality knife made by a maker, these tins can be avoided.

You are buying an item that will be passed down from generation to generation.

custom knives are expensive

The importance of quality control procedures

Manufacturers of custom knives are subject to a constant comparison with its user.

Construction and quality control procedures and techniques are important for the name of a custom maker also for his personal reputation, things that are often absent in many industrial knives especially low cost.

In addition, hand-made knives are more likely to be built from carefully selected materials and components that can be guaranteed at 100.

The end result is a quality and original knife with an intrinsic value that is to be used or collectible.

We’re talking about your knife, a unique piece that you’ll only have!

It’s your knife forever!

custom knives are expensive

Choose the best knife to meet your needs

I ask you for the courtesy to contact me if you want to know more about the differences in quality and performance that exist between a 40 euro knife and a 400 euro knife made by a maker.

We have the experience to guide you in the selection and construction of a high-quality knife that will best meet your specific needs.
Now it’s a little clearer to you why custom knives are expensive?
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